Only in my life

Can I just say, that only in my family can we go to the larniest restraunt on the South Coast, one where you have 4 knives set on the table and silver wine glasses, and my mother throws a middle finger at the guy dining opposite her.  Only in my life will the same dude then threaten her with a ball of dijon mash (garnished with Rocket and lettuce flowers) to her forehead.

We were asked to move outside due to noise factor, bribed the waitron to let us smoke inside before being chased outside, endured two very verbal outbursts in anger and discussions and then had a sing off with our waiter.  My aunt is moving away.  We will miss her, but she is taking ten steps forward and starting over, starting afresh, this was her farewell.

I’ve been on the coast for the weekend.  Its been a while since I touched base with all my friends and some family.  Its good to see the dude at the video store again.  The beggar at spar tried to hug me hello when I walked up to him but his missing leg caused him to fall over.  Or the wine in the brown paper bag, I’m not sure which.

My mom has opened up a beauty salon, so I’ve been guinea pig all weekend and am plucked, waxed, massaged and tinted to oblivion.  I’m not complaining though.
Can you believe petrol is almost 10 bucks a litre?  Holy mother of beans!  Happy Tuesday, all 🙂


  1. Stef says:

    sounds like a crazy party… sheebee style LOL
    you paint a very vivid picture 🙂
    all the pampering sounds like heaven, i am jealous!
    petrol is crazy!!!! i was just doing my budget… i think i’m fucked, yes, without a doubt *sigh*

  2. cathjenkin says:

    Hello darling

    No, no, not just your family. sounds like standard fare @ mine. Wahah. but you know this.

    love you X

  3. Amy says:

    And even though my family is mildly nuts ( just the way i like it! ) its true – that stuff only happens to your family. Congrats on being the nuttiest!

    And oi woman – why dont you visit my blog no more? Did you fall out of love with me 🙂 ? Cry, cry, cry….

  4. Tamara says:

    Hehehe… your family sounds as nuts as mine. My grandfather eloped at 72, my grandmother on the other side threatens to dance on the table with her prosthetic boob strapped to her head when she’s had a glass or two, and my gay uncle has on occasion handed out personal lubricant instead of oil to the poor plumbers trying to fit his bathroom pipes.

    Very jealous of your role as guinea pig.

  5. charmskool says:

    Wow, I’ve been on a few outings with my more football hooligan-type girls where we behaved the same way. Good stuff.
    I bought petrol last night and I’m still shaking. I spent on one tankful what I used to spend in a month when I bought my teeny car 2 years ago.

  6. shebee says:

    Angel – I got the email, as you know. Hee hee.

    Stef – LOL. Shebee style?

    Amy – of course I still love you! I do come round, its just blogger has been blocking my comments lately, I think its my internet connection. So only sometimes will my comments go through. I also like my waist & eyes, by the way 😛

    Tamara – hello! o lawd your uncle sounds HYSTERICAL! Bring him round for tea?

    Glugs – wait til you meet them in person, I bet you’ll change your mind.

    Cath – its so good to be home. Oh my god.

    Charms – hello darling. Its horrific man. I can’t believe this shite – its like Zimbabwe all over again. Blow job for petrol, anyone?

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