One day when I’m big…

and married to my husbank* these are the things I am going to look forward to doing or saying:

  1. Oops, Honey, um, could you please remove my car from the garage wall.
  2. “No, debt collecter, phone my husbank, he is incharge of the finances, I know nothing”
  3. “Just wait til your father gets home, you little fuckheads”
  4. Swipe. Credit processed. Swipe. Shirt on sale charged to husbands account. Lovely.
  5. “If you don’t cook tonight, no leg over for you.”
  6. Yes, I used bleach! No one told me it makes colours run.
  7. Yes, Sir, Mr Boss of husband sir, I did bake those buns myself.
  8. Ah feck, its Friday, the kids will want to go out and I’ll have to get it on with the man.

Sigh. So much fun to be had. Now if only I could hurry up and get over myself so that I could settle for a dude and not be so damn picky!

*got that term from Peas, I love it!