On promotions

Jon’s 31st birthday is coming up.  He is SO OLD!  I remember seeing other people dating older men and thinking it was quite gross, but my older man?  I love him quite a bit.  More importantly, he gets the grey hairs, and I get his wisdom.  At least, that’s how it works in my head.

So we (read: Jon, by himself, without giving in to my pressure) have decided that this year he won’t be having a birthday party.  Instead we’ll have a quiet night in with pizza, board games and an experimental, but imminently brilliant red velvet cake from The Cupcake Lady.

I’ve also found theeee perfect birthday present for him, I’m so excited I keep having to stop myself from giving it to him a few weeks early.  I LOVE BIRTHDAYS! SO MUCH! THEY ARE AWESOMEEEEE!


So my hard work has paid off, I got a letter confirming my promotion at work.  I’m beyond excited. It’s been a roller coaster ride, but I feel like things are finally paying off.  Even though I’ve been acting in the role of head of social media for over a year, it’s nice to have validation on a letterhead.  It’s also the first ever official letter I’ve received that didn’t

a) fire me

b) tell me to go to the principal’s office, or

c) state how much money I owed.


I’m missing my mom something drastic.  I wish I knew how awesome she was way back when I used to still live with her, cos then I could suck up those hours I wasted in front of a book, or on the beach with friends, or even listening to music and rather sit with her and talk shit and tease each other.

How was your mother’s day, everyone?



  1. Jeremy says:

    Yes, well you owe me a drink, since you stood me up. I haven’t forgiven you yet, by the way.

  2. Angel says:

    My mothers day was pretty cool. The knucklehead didn’t know what day it was but when my Glugster told him he made me flapjacks and coffee in bed on Sunday! Then I took one of my sisters, my mom and my granny to see the Lipizzaner show.

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