On kicking Jon in the shins…

I’ve been really struggling to sleep lately.  It’s been a long time since I’ve suffered insomnia, two years to be precise, but lately it’s a real bitch to fall into an unbroken, sound, sleep.  If it’s not having to wee 3 times a night, it’s to toss and turn, or have nightmares.

Last night was no different, we went to bed around 10ish, and put on the TV to fall asleep to like we do every night.  The only problem is that once the timer ran down to 30seconds before switching the TV off, I renewed it for another hour.  And then one more, and one more after that, and another after that.  Eventually it was 1am and I decided to swallow one of my herbal sleeping tablets.  You must know how desperate I was by then, because aside from my throat mock-charging my tongue in its attempt to not kots everywhere every time I swallow a pill, the bloody things taste like feet.

Eventually it worked and I fell asleep.  But then I walked into my mothers house and saw Jon’s ex sitting on the deck with a sneer on her face.  I looked over to Jon and saw that he was packing his bags.  He was breaking up with me, apparently.  Because I work too much.  The ex was laughing at me and literally pulled her ears, stuck out her tongue and started neeneerneerneering me!  Well it was just too much, I walked over to her and kicked her shins.  And then I called Rozz (who totally took my side in the break up) and she picked me up.

And then I, of course, rolled over in bed and woke up.  The problem was, I was still so pissed off that Jon broke up with me that I looked over at his peacefully sleeping face and kicked him in the shins!

A few minutes later I realised the after effects of the dream were wearing off and I started to feel bad.  So Jon woke up this morning to me rubbing his tummy and hugging him.  He was confused, since I’m usually comatose when he gets up in the mornings, and I apologised to him for kicking his shin while he was sleeping.  Even though he didn’t remember me doing it (mental note: obviously wasn’t hard enough) I felt bad.

Enough is enough!  I need stress relief suggestions, pronto.  Annnnd go!


  1. Nayes says:

    Annique has a rooibos sleeping tea that seems to work really well. Otherwise perhaps a punching bag hung low enough for you to kick the crap out of it might get rid of some of the tension…or at least physically exhaust you into submission??

  2. Rox says:

    Oh, I could write a book on this subject. While things are getting better this year, I hit an all time low in the stress department last year, and sleep was one of the many things that suffered.

    I’ve tried all sorts of things, from lavender to improving my sleep environment, tackling the bigger issues at hand, etc etc, but even when life was great, sleep was still an issue.

    Since I started yoga last month, I’ve seen a big difference in my sleeping patterns, but was still doing the 4am wake ups and having nightmares too. I eventually went to my doctor earlier this month, and she suggested I try Trepiline. It’s a very low dose calming pill, but it’s not a sleeping pill so doesn’t mess with natural sleep patterns. All it does is relax you, so that you sleep better, basically. Apparently it also works for muscle pain, and back in the day it was used as an antidepressant.

    I’m not really in favour of chemicals usually, but these pills seem to do the trick. Also, you can take them every night if you want, or just for a bit to get sleeping patterns back to normal.

    Another thing you may not want to hear… TV in bedroom = bad, bad, bad! The best sleep routine is to have a warm/hot bath/shower, then get into bed and either read for a bit, or go to sleep if you’re tired enough. Keeping any electronic devices in the bedroom makes it harder to sleep, and watching TV right before bed is also never good.

    One last bit of wisdom – I often find that I don’t sleep well when I am too hot. Even if you don’t FEEL overheated, if you are not comfortable or the temperature is not right, you will wake up a lot easier.

    At the end of the day, best thing is to try whatever you can til you find something that works. 🙂

  3. Chris M says:

    “And then one more, and one more after that, and another after that. Eventually it was 1am” ~ Geez, I thought you were guna say 4/5am, not 1! I’m not even in bed by that time, let alone asleep by then. I too suffer, I normally get to bed around 3/4am and am up by 8am, and I’ll feeling the pain at the moment. I’ve also been having shyte dreams for the past few weeks and it’s taking its toll, so I can relate.

    I guess it all boils down to unplugging from this Internet medium that we’re plugged into so deeply. Far too much information going through our brains to actually relax. Weekends away are not long enough, an evening out for drinks don’t quite assist and time off work just makes it all more stressful when returning. I think eating and exercise play a roll, perhaps not the eating too much, but definitely exercise, which I think neither of us do much, haha, ok, at all!

    Sucks! I’ll let you know if I find a solution!

  4. Chris M says:

    I hate to say this and heaven help me if Fe reads this, but Rox is right, “TV in bedroom = bad, bad, bad”. Although I don’t agree with it AT ALL, I know she’s right 😉

  5. CC says:

    I sleep around 9 hours every night, a lovely deep sleep dead to the world, and I fall asleep while watching TV with the sleep timer on so I dont know if Rox and Chris M are right on that one, I think it depends on how it affects each person.

    It’s good to program your body into a set routine, I wake up 5am and go to sleep just before 8pm, obviously I have no life and it wouldnt work for you but waking up and going to sleep at the same time everyday should help, and a warm bath before bed. And as Rox said, sleeping in a cool room is very important, I can not fall asleep if I am warm and I’ve found when my bedroom gets really cold I sleep even deeper.

  6. Angel says:

    If the TV doesn’t put me to sleep, reading a book usually does. What about milk and cookies? Apparently a bit of sugar can be a sedative. Do you need new pillows? Maybe you’re uncomfortable? Decaf tea and a little honey? Have you tried a small snack of cottage cheese, cashews, chicken, turkey, soybeans or tuna? They all contain tryptophan- as does milk.
    Okay, scratch the tuna.
    Strongs sweetie.

  7. Chris M says:

    @Guy – lol.

    I’m a big fan of falling asleep to the TV, but after doing a lot of reading and research, it became apparent that it isn’t the best way to do things. I still do it from time to time because it definitely assists me in zoning out.

    I think it really does boil down to three things: exercise, routine and eating. Making sure you exercise, so that you get physically tired, being mentally tired but physically awake doesn’t assist in falling asleep. Eating correctly will allows assist, so many of us eat too much sugar (foods with fat, etc.) and this keeps the blood bubbling, which makes it hard to sleep. And then routine, getting to bed at the same time and waking at the same time – I’m horribly guilty of not following this at all!

    I have heard from a number of sources that if you’re struggling to sleep, eating a banana can help and then lying on your back with your knees in the air (ie. legs bent) and your hands by your side. I’m yet to actually try it, but the sources that told me are ones I take seriously.

    Shebee, you found anything else out?

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