On Helping Street Kids Eat Crap Veggies

Tammy Gardner is one of the three mad chicks who run the charity organization we’ve been bleating about, Bathandwa Day & Night Care Centre.

At the moment Bathandwa houses 31 street kids.  There are 17 disabled children, 23 kids attending school and 2 of them are HIV positive. On average these children are 10 years old, all needing to be clothed, fed & educated.

I’ve spent the better part of the morning on the phone to Tammy, who has happily agreed to let me post her details here for anyone else who would like to help this loving make-shift home.  This charity is all these kids have.

Account name: Friends of Bathandwa Trust

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: St George’s Mall Cape Town

Account number: 100 983 601 3

Branch code: 100 909

Cheque Account.

Tammy has requested that any deposits being made use the reference ‘Nerdies’ although I’m pretty sure if you wanted to use any other it wouldn’t really make a difference.

What were you like as a child?  I know that I always had warmth, a full belly and a loving set of parents who clothed me and ensured a roof over my head.  I had fluffy toys, pretty Barbies & tea sets.  My own mother, however, did not.  She grew up in a home where it was relied upon other people to donate money towards their charity in order for her and her 3 sisters and other girl to have just a touch of what I was lucky enough to grow up with.

For years my mother used to terrify us with the notion that she grew up on broccoli and brussel sprouts and that they weren’t allowed to leave the table until everything had been eaten.  Her and her sisters would transform into CIA agents and sneak into the dining room, somersaulting silently to reach the under side of the dinner table to steal the vegetables and dispurse them to either a willing canine, a rubbish bin or the plant vegetations outside.

Give these Bathandwa kids the opportunities to turn into spies as well!

Contact Tammy Gardener at 082 920 5822 or tgardner @ tppsa.co.za.


  1. Glugster says:

    There are really some amasing people in this world. Just today I posted about two “adults” not appreciating what they have. The should be sent to work in one of these homes for a day.

  2. Miss P says:

    Spoke to Sonja, the other mad chick involved with Bathwanda, she confirmed deposits of R1400 into their bank account with reference “Nerdies”. Woohoo!

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