On getting married.

So, here’s a little thing.  We got engaged 3 weeks ago and we’ve decided we’re getting married on 21 June.  This year.
Yes, really.
No, I’m not pregnant.
Why so soon? Because we can.

It’s a strange thing, being engaged.  Suddenly we’re so much more confident with each other.  For instance, Jon is telling me things about himself that I would never have known otherwise.  It’s strange how this piece of metal on my left hand now has us both confessing things.

“Are you checking to see if they’re still there, Jon?  They are, I promise”.

“It’s really comfortable just holding my nuts, okay? Why do I need a reason?” was his reply.

These kind of things were never discussed before.  I can only assume it’ll be downhill from here.

The funniest thing about people hearing our wedding date for the first time is watching them tactfully trying to ask if I’m pregnant without using the words.  The second funniest thing is when people then try and fish to see if I’m turning into a Jew.

“Oh, so, uhhhhmmmm, who’s going to marry you then?”

“Will we need to buy one of those weird head cap things for your wedding?”

“I’m guessing that you’ve swapped bacon for the bling?”

Ah, people.  They’re so entertaining.

Besides planning a wedding with less than 12 weeks to go, I’ve managed to catch a horrible flu that is swiftly becoming bronchitis, despite being on antibiotics.  Less than convenient, must be honest.  I’m all like “yeth, Mth Wedding Planner, let’th go with the bellow oneth” and sniffing and coughing all over the place.

But, I’m loving being engaged.  I love the fact that the love of my life feels the same way I do.  I love that he is as involved in the wedding planning as I am.  So much so that when I accidentally bought something awesome for our wedding table at Typo the other day he berated me for not including him before I bought it.  Jeeez, what a control freak.

So that’s me.  I’m all about getting married these days.  Which is super ironic that I’m blogging about it since on my About page up top here on this blog it says the following:

As of this writing I’m a twenty something maniac who is not married, never has been and unless the wannabe husbank comes bearing diamonds and a bucket of perfection, is very likely to not ever be. 

Simple really, clearly Jon is perfect for me.  Because we know he knocked me off my feet years ago already.

How are you doing though?


  1. Ankia says:

    Haha! People are weird. Why wait?! You know it’s right & with limited time you’ll avoid pondering on stupid things that are not that important any way, purely because you have no time to waste. Enjoy the engagement but that’s left! It’s a special time 😉

  2. Stephanie says:

    Being engaged really is the best fun ever. Because you get to be engaged with/to the person you adore. Relish every second. And kudos to you for doing it so soon! Dying to see the pics!

  3. Michelle says:

    I am so incredibly happy for you! You’re right, that piece of metal changes everything. And it is awesome!

    LOVE your timeline. I really hope you enjoy every second! We made the decision on 10 July and got married on 23 August. It was epic! I also did it all myself which meant there was no time to ohh and aahh about decisions. I had to make it and go with it. It was amazing. I loved the planning as much as I loved the day.
    Hope you feel better really soon!

  4. MeeA says:

    LOL! I have a little laugh at myself every time I read about other people’s wedding plans. I never had a proposal or even an engagement ring. We had a small wedding – very unfussy (but still lovely!) – on a Saturday morning and were back at work on the following Monday. We never had a honeymoon. Apparently, I’m really easy to please! 😛
    I read about all these things people worry about when they’re planning their weddings and, while a small part of me wishes that I could have had that experience, too, I’m grateful for not having had to deal with the stress. And here we are, a decade and a little bit later, still us. So much has changed over the years and so much has stayed the same. 🙂

  5. cybersass says:

    good for you guys! we’ve been engaged for over a year now and still haven’t even sniffed the slightest whiff of wedding fever! 🙂 guess it took us 8 yrs to get engaged, we might as well take our time. 😉

  6. Chan says:

    Awww I kinda wish I could come to your wedding.

    Omg if things are changing already….. 😛 Never become tooooo comfortable, keep romance and mystery alive, unless you’re already clipping toenails in front of each other etc :/

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