On getting free shiz…

I think that one of my favourite things about having a blog as old as mine, is getting the PR companies contacting me often to send me free shit.

Most of the time the stuff is really relevant, and fits in with what I blog about (to a degree) but sometimes the deliveries I pick up from reception make me seriously contemplate how people got their jobs.

First of all, the names!  I’ve been called Mr. Shebegates, Mrs. Bee, Miss. Sheena Aquaonline, Ms. Shenagh Gats, Shebee Gates and even (and this is my personal favourite) Mr. Sheena Bloggatesbee (?).

The gifts are always interesting.  From beer, to milkshakes, to leather gloves, to weekend’s away, to braai kits to Jasmin & cigarette perfumed panties (?), to foot products, I’ve been sent a lot of really cool stuff, and also some really weird stuff that I’ve blushed about when opening the packages.

But last night, I was given something that I’ve wanted for ages – a wireless Logitech mouse.  With glittery decor on it, and it’s super small so it fits my tiny hands perfectly.  Excitement!  It’s part of the new Logitech Colour Collection, oh my – so pretty.

The launch event was pretty awesome, they got contortionists who twisted their bodies in ways that only a boyfriend would appreciate.  The girls were painted from head to toe in bright glittery paint.  They had a girl with very spiky hair string and ribbon herself up and down black fabric and a hoolahoop.  They set up a teenage girl’s bedroom in the corner and it had a picture of Twilight in a frame.  All of it in very bright colours, the effect was quite bold.  I went with other GirlGuides, the chicks I drink with at gadget club.  Yes, it’s like book club, but less gay.  And way more nerdy.

Have I told you about the GirlGuides website yet?  You should check it out, they’re having major competition giveaways, and there’s loads of information on just about any gadget you can think of, written for women, by women.

On another note, tonight, I will sit down on the couch and soak my foots in this new product that landed on my desk yesterday called Milky Foot – apparently it’ll make my feet into baby soft skin.  Rad.  Except I have the feet of an Amazonian cave woman, so I’m a bit skeptical.

This is what the press release says:

Applying Milky Foot is a simple process of slipping your feet into Milky Foot Intense Exfoliating plastic sleeves, soaking your soles for 60 minutes and then letting the product do the work for you. Your feet will instantly feel smoother and softer and will begin to peel within five to 10 days from first application. Within two to three weeks, your feet will be reborn (?????), looking silky smooth. And, armed with the latest nail colour and a pair of sexy strappy sandals, you can show of those feet with sheer confidence.

Hmmm.  Considering I hate my feet, and generally try and cover them up whenever possible, I’d be stoked if this actually works.  I’ll report back to you tomorrow, from my laptop which will have a wireless mouse NOT attached to it.

So there you have it.  This week’s free shit review:

  • Logitech glittery awesome wireless mouse: I am pleased.
  • Milky Foot de-uglyfier: remains to be seen.


  1. meganTS says:

    i’m sorry, did you say jasmine and cigarette flavoured PANTIES!

    they make undies pre-scented with hooker’s crotch!?!?!

    I saw the logitech pics on facebook and i’m dying of lust for some pretties. dying.

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