On being a nerd

I have been up all night long doing nerdy things like graphic art and web surfing and joining different ad type sites to promote my new sexc blog.  By the way, please give a hand to the delightfully funny Mr. Richard Catto of Red Planet Hosting and Cape Town News, who has been sweating the night away following requests, bribes and down right pleads to do my bidding in all things html and shit that I don’t understand when it comes to the hard work on this bloody website.


So.  Your job:

  • Take some time to go through the different sections the new layout offers you here – there is so much more than just my drivel on various subjects
  • Click on the EntreCard and join up – its free, fun and a brilliant way to promote your blog
  • Consider following my small footsteps in joining up on web self-hosting, its fantastic and you would be rejoicing if you could understand how many other benefits and tricks and toys wordpress has to offer you.  For any info, just contact me here on the site or drop me an email and I’ll point you in the right direction.
  • Stop frikken lurking goddamnit, make yourself known.  It kills me to see people online and they don’t say hi – I want to get to know my readers ffs!  You should know how curious I am by now!
  • Lastly, go check out this dude – he’s brilliant and I’ve spent hours going through his archives tonight.  A definate must read for all of you who share my macarbe sense of humour.