I’m so stressed.  I have little bubble blisters on my fingers from it.  Stress is a bitch.  I have a powerpoint presentation to do that might actually kill me before its done, I’m as serious as cancer.

Also, I’m heading up the team of organisers for a company event on Saturday, which is going to be super fun – but there’s so much work to do in the meantime and I havent’ done it, because I’m doing this vokken powerpoint report.

So – blisters, powerpoint and project management aside, I met Jon’s mother on Sunday.  Just after he picked me up from the airport, slightly hungover and possibly still drunk from Saturday night’s batchelorette party for Cam (hi, my stalker sister*!  Love you!). Now *that* evening has so much blog fodder it’s not funny.  Well, it is… if I tell the story properly and give it justice.

Yeah, so there you go.  I met my boyfriends mom.  Eeek! So grown up, I feel.  And scrutinised!  She’s lovely though, so that helped things.  Now its just his dad, and then my family meeting Jon and we’ll be officially official in that official kind of way.  Or something.

Hope you had a lovely weekend, I promise to sit down and write a bit more on Cam’s parrrrdy when I have a chance.


*Remember I was planning on surprising Cam by not telling her I was flying down for Saturday night?  Yeah, well – she found out.  Because I blogged about it.  And APPARENTLY she reads this blog every day.  So there goes me bitching about her here from now on 😛


  1. cath says:

    remember. life has been worse. i pull from my magic hat the example of….

    “no, look dude, this is not a prank. my car is really stolen”

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