omg im dying. swear to blog.

I actually don’t remember the last time I felt this sick.  Oh my christmas stocking, I woke up and puked.  Because I have never in my life ever felt this ill with the flu before.

My ears hurt, the eustation (fuck off with spelling) tubes are throbbing, my nose burns at the back, my throat is literally tearing itself in half and breeding, I swear, and my head?  Jesus, Mary & Joseph.  I can’t begin to tell you.

Please feel sorry for me.  Other than someone making me honey tea at 2am this morning, I have no one to nurse me.  My mommy is far, my housemates are sleeping, and I keep having nightmares so I’m now going to sit at this computer until the following medication I have slugged down my body knocks me the fuck out:

  1. Calcivita tablet thing that fizzes
  2. Grandpa x2
  3. Siff flavoured MedLemon
  4. Nasal spray squirts x300
  5. Adcadol x2
  6. Phenol throat number spray squirts x25
  7. Some yellow looking pills that said ‘influenza’ on the box x2

If that shit doesn’t knock me out, not even an elephant tranquiliser will yo.  I took it all at once, I was that desperate.

What worries me more though, is this wheeze coming from my chest.  I sound just like Kiera did with pneumonia.  Is it possible to develope pneumonia within 6 hours?  I did go out in the rain earlier after a shower.  I know, stupid me.  But then again, Talfer swears pneumonia isn’t air born. Or weather born.  Or something.  Sob.  I feel so sorry for myself.



  1. Shebee says:

    ps: I totally realise there is something wrong with the ‘Home’ tab. It keeps redirecting to some random post every time its clicked.

    To read any particular post, please use the navigation numbers at the bottom of a post, or scroll to the bottom of the page and select a post title.

    I will fix it when I’m finished dying, okay?

  2. talita says:

    Hope you feel better – it’s crap feeling sick, must be all the stress. You should get that cellfood immune booster, works brilliantly, cures flu in no time.

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