Okay, so I finally have some time for me, to sit down and actually catch up with myself.

I’ve reached the point of no return in some aspects of my life:

Tolerance: there is none.  For people who expect too much of what I can’t give, for people who assume that I’ll just be a walk over.  For people who dispose of other people, namely me.  After a mini melt down and having the ear of a very good friend, I now know that not everyone in my life has to be pleased all the time.  Sometimes, its okay to just please me.  I’ve decided that if I’m not good enough as is, then its their loss.  I refuse to try and be something I’m not for anyone anymore.  In the words of my hero, Cartman of South Park:  screw you guys.

With that out of the way, there are immensely good things going on with me.

Love: there is so much of it inside of me right now.  For my project, for the cause, for my family and for my special friends.  I love things that make me laugh more now than ever.  I love that when we’re playing 30seconds in the lounge at home and I have a giggle attack my housemates sit there and hose themselves at me, resulting in a house full of people giggling hysterically at absolutely nothing at all other than the fact that I found something ridiculously funny and couldn’t control myself.  I eventually had to blow my nose and wipe the tears from my eyes and take a few breathes.  That hasn’t happened to me in at least two years.

Reality: that things I hope for truly do come true sometimes.  Fingers crossed please, readers.  Something life-changing is be on the cards for me and I am SO excited about it.  It would mean the freedom to write as I pleased, be in my PJ’s a lot more and open up colourful files of my own choice.  Yayness.

Karma Returns: I’ve got my mojo back. And also my car issues will soon be sorted.  The end result (finally) is that insurance won’t touch the car for repairs because of all the stamps on the new engine.  Which left me with two choices:

1.      The car gets written off and I agree to let it be scrapped, get paid out.

2.      The car gets written off and I buy it back, pay in about R8 000 for the shortfall difference and then pay off the fees to get everything fixed and replaced to have it back to the state it was in pre-theft.

Now, although the second choice sounds kak, you have to remember that with me not being a licensed driver, I can’t refinance another car with the new FICA laws.  Before hand, I was able to appoint a designated driver and still own my car, even though legally it wasn’t mine to drive.  So I called Wesbank to make a new payment arrangement and guess what?

Clever me over here took out a policy AGES ago that covers all shortfalls, no questions asked.  So I’m saving myself eight grand, bru!  All that’s left now is for me to get the car and get it fixed.  I am so chuffed right now.

All in all, life has been majorly stressful of late – but I sense that I’m on a hump and things can only get easier from here.  I’m definitely crossing off the items on my 2009 list, and I feel supertastic about it all.


  1. Po says:

    Hectic, Shebee, I wish I was a non-walkover, but I am not strong enough just yet to be Cartmann and rally mean it.

    How come you are not a licenced driver? Am confused.

  2. Shebee says:

    I’ve never been licensed, I keep failing my bloody drivers test because I get too nervous with the parking and either end up driving into the stupid pole or forgetting to do the stupid K59 manuevers.

  3. cath says:

    and now you know why i keep my cartman doll, to remind me…

    love you. fuck them. what they gonna do? park animals?

    grinning at you cause only you would get that euphemism X

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