Oh wow, I’m touched all over the place and back again

Glenda Penelope Scott.  That’s the name of my new GPS kindly gifted by MsBehavn.  She’s beautiful.  She’s clever. She’s polite.  I’ve tested her out and even gone down one ways to see what she does, and true to her trusty nature, the GPS goes fucking insane.  Beeeeeeeeep! PLEASE KEEP LEFT. PLEASE KEEP LEFT. PLEASEKEEPLEFTPLEASEKEEPLEFT!

Cath got a taste of Glenda Penelope Scott this morning on the way to the airport, both of us still slightly drunk and partially hung over and very bushy tailed and puffy eyed.  Cath thinks that Glenda she’s marvelous!

Quick question for you GPS users out there, what’s the skinny, do you unclick the GPS from its position every time you leave the car? I do that with my radio face, so I suppose theoretically I could possibly get into that habit.  I’m just so in love with it, it’s unreal!  I don’t want it to be stolen.

Also, I’m battling to find certain addresses, like mine at home, for example.  I just search for the next street, which is a big one and shows up no problemo, so any tips or information in personal experiences would be more than welcome.

On a completely different note now, as if I needed to be spoilt any more, Cow_Grrrl‘s parcel arrived yesterday. Oh my god, Suetjie, I cannot explain to you how touched I am. That we’ve never met before, or even spoken outside of the internet, yet you know me so well and represented almost all that I am in one box!  I am truly thankful and blown away by your kindness.  HUGE hugs for you, babe!

Cath had her own little parcel too and guys, we sat on our lounge floor and brought out the Rum (since Cam was at her Dad for the night).  Aside from things like baked beans (for my toast, because of the shopping spree last week), a beautiful little hand book for notes, a 15minute yoga book, O Magazine, a wireless router and other stuff, she bought me a frikken GHD!  HOLY FUCKING MOLY! Never did I expect that I would ever have one of those beauties before I sold one or both of my boobs. A GHD. A G.H.D. A frikken G-H-D.  You are insane, babe! 

Anyway, to tide you over until we here at The Shath, come thank you in person, I have written you a poem:

Oh cowgirl, oh cowgirl
You make me smile so
Out of the blue, you pitched up
With words of love, and tweets saying ‘sup

I’m so glad to have met you in this swirl
straight out of nowhere you send gifts of laughter
To make me smile more, before and even after.

Cath sat on her hands for hours, until we were both back at ours
And on twitter and the phone did she moan
But we had to curb the curiosity jointedly, you see
And when we did, in our excitement we had to fight for the toilet to wee

In twitter we trust
More than men’s lust
I am truly blessed
And our lounge is totally messed
But there’s a friendship that will last to the end
I’m so lucky to have met you, my friend



Also, please look out for a very drunken vlog done by Cath and I.  Oh lawd.


  1. justBcoz says:

    I loved doing this for you guys – you’re very special to me, you crazy people!

    So glad you had fun unloading it all 😀

    OMG, that vlog thang is gonna be, erm “interesting” wahaha!!

  2. Stef says:

    oh my goodnes… VLOG???? when???? when????
    can’t wait!!!!
    that parcel is too good to be true, you’re lying aren’t you?

  3. Ches says:

    MsBehavn sent you a navigator…OMG! *breathe breathe*

    She’s been very quiet on the bloggosphere that girl???

    You guys and your twitter! 😉

  4. shebee says:

    JBC – you’re special to us too. Cath says she wants to hump your leg, watch out! I think you’ll die when you see the vlog. Hee hee.

    Stef – no word of a lie, she went to such effort and put in such special things 🙂

    Chesie – MsB has been having a few personal events, her daughter was in hospital for a while with pneumonia but is out now and all is well again. Yes, a GPS! I’m loving it. JOIN US ON TWITTER! YOU GUYS MISS OUT ON SO MUCH, I PROMISE YOU.

  5. shebee says:

    LOL! Your will? She’s not *that* scary!

    Aims – no ways, don’t feel bad! If I got any more presents than I have already I would feel like a total giftslut! Hell yeah it counts, I still have it in my special box of goodies 🙂

  6. shebee says:

    @ Shawn – patience, Daniel son, patience. Cath is in Jhb on business, she’ll edit when she gets back tomorrow and we’ll probably have it up by Fri / Monday. It’s 58 minutes long, yo!

    Kyk – trust you to notice that. It does too!

  7. Ches says:

    Twitter will be the end of me…work is too hectic, and I’ve just cut my facebook time by half! Also, listening to you girls twit all day might not be good for my mental health! 🙂

  8. Janel says:

    ok, so i am officially jealous!!
    weren’t we just chatting about GHD’s the other night??!!

    I’m moving to durbs so i can lend it heehee.

    U deserve the spoiling 🙂

  9. shebee says:

    I know. I couldn’t believe it when I opened the box and there it was! Insane!

    You can borrow it anytime 🙂

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