Oh my how things can change

In keeping with this 2012 theme of me being an adult, this year work has provided us a free tax consultant session at the office to assist with our 2012 returns.  Hurrah!  I’ve never done mine before, I’ve always had someone else do it.  Or haven’t done it at all.  You know, just saying.  So having someone here to point me in the right direction will be grand.  Who knows, maybe this year I’ll even get some money back!

Anyway, to start off the whole process before my session with the tax fellow tomorrow, I did a free credit check and realised that I am debt free, for the first time since I was 18 and old enough to shop myself into a credit nightmare.  I’ve even managed to pay off Kiera’s hospital bills from when she died.  All of them!  Yay for no debt!

When I took this information, plus the fact that I’ve paid off my current car in full, I realised something.  Something I haven’t even dared to contemplate seriously until today.  I can finally start looking around for that Audi A3 automatic I want.   Of course there’s one or two admin things I need to do first, but still.  I’m in a place in my life, for the very first time, where I can afford to have a luxury car.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so proud of myself.

5 years ago Cath and I were sharing boxes of tens.  Eating tinned spagetthi and packet pasta.  Because we were both broke, living together to save our sanity and hoping and wishing our lives would take a turn for the better.  We used to reminisce about how one day we’d get paid to write and today we do.  We used to talk about having better halves, and today we do.  We used to talk about crossing the country to see each other if either of us should leave Durban, and today we do. We used to talk about being wiser, and today we are.

We’ve come so far.  We’ve come so far.  And today, I am proud of those two girls from the Shath, those girls who never gave up, used to drink earl gay tea at midnight and share their hopes and dreams and fears and sins.

I know how self indulgent this post is, I know.  But I think that every now and again it’s okay to not be so hard on yourself.  To allow yourself to think back on a journey and see the milestones and acheivements.  I’m doing that today.

Today, I’m sitting with Cath on this beach.  And I’m so damn proud.



  1. Cath Jenkin says:

    Crying my head off. TENS AND SHATH PASTA!!! love you.

    It’s like (y)our mama said…we’ve come further than we dreamt we would. And are happier than we’d dare to let ourselves imagine.

    Love you. X

  2. Angi says:

    And no-one is more deserving hun! I don’t know Cath but if she is half the woman you are then she is amazing. Big hug sweets x

  3. amandzing says:

    Not self indulgent at all, try inspiring.

    We have to, must, absolutely need to look back and draw strength from our past, lessons learned, and reflect on wisdom gained.

    And then laugh at how you used to put two spoons of creamer in your day two tea bag because it saved sugar…

    great post

  4. Angel says:

    Darling Shebeeliciousness – I think its glorious and I am so happy for and proud of you! You have every right to be proud of yourself!

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    • Shebee says:

      Hey shuddup you – I can drive well. Traffic, on the other hand, kills my poor little foots 🙁 Auto is the way to go, Jon’s A4 is automatic and he loves it. Exmi also swears by it, so I’m gonna give it a go 🙂

      • Cath says:

        Haahahah Sheena just said she “drives well”. I LOL. You’re still the only person I know who attracts one way roads, from the opposite direction 😛

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