Office décor & I need help!

I need some advice.  I’ve been in my own office for over a month already, and aside from my beautiful purple orchid, my office is a white room of absolute nothingness.  When we started the renovations at work, one of the biggest arguments we had as a management team was that the previous colour scheme was out dated.  Therefore, the new offices are white, from top to bottom with glass passages and ceiling-high windows.  It’s beautiful and feels like I work in an art gallery.

Someone suggested that since we had so many internal doors that used to be multi-coloured, we go with something elegant.  Something serene and beautiful that wouldn’t interrupt our newer, gallery styled agency.  I present to you, my office door, painted silver.  

And now, for the inside of my office:

See what I mean?  Plain, lame and lacking in character.  While I’m all about simplicity, this is a tad ridiculous.  I’ve been scouring Pinterest for weeks already for ideas, but can’t decide on any décor theme.  So here are a few ideas I’ve got so far.  Please let me know if you can think of anything else?

Aiming for this look and feel:

Or maybe this one (see? Indecisive!):

With a few of these bad boys for the walls:

Except obviously I’ll be changing the colours of these images to be a little more serene and subdued.  Because I need all the calm in my office that I can get.

So there you have it.  Ideas, throw them out there, please!


  1. C says:

    So you have free reign as to how to decorate it?

    Easy things to do which help alot, coloured blinds on the window, some pictures on the wall, maybe new chairs…

  2. Chris M says:

    What I’d suggest is something for the walls – most of us always buy items that either go on the floor or balance on something, but forget that the heights of walls create empty space. Wall vinyl is always an option and that might be a good idea. I also know that there are some local companies that do it at relatively good prices. I would also suggest some kind of light, something fairly creative and interesting, where the light reflections create interesting shaped shadows, etc.

    Oh, and don’t forget a placard on the door saying, “Am Social Queen”!

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