Oddball Hobbies

For those of you who don’t know, I have a gay collegue. His name is Leon, who also happens to be one of my very best friends. Leon spent ages and ages dating very… interesting type fellows. He’s had the rich, daddy type boyfriend, the fembot lookalike boyfriend, the bear cuddling type boyfriend, and also the young hot i-wish-he-wasn’t-gay type boyfriend, yet nothing could keep him focused enough to actually love the dude/s.

Until he met Jean. Online, they fell in love and within weeks Jean had moved down, into Leons flat and they were engaged. Despite overly dramatic arguments and lots of tears in the make up process (always in public) they are very cute together and make a sweet couple. Plus Leon has eased up on me now that he has Jean. I am no longer his makeover project and im allowed sugar in my coffee again, because, he no longer cares if I’m “cuddly” – he has bigger fish to fry.

The one thing that I have to point out about Leon, is that he suddenly has a hobby. A hobby of starting new hobbies. Drives me insane, because just as I wrap my mind around one hobby and start asking relevant questions, he gives me a look of disdain, while telling me slowly and childlike “that was soooo last weeks project, Im into xyz now”. I actually can’t keep up anymore! So far, this has been the hobby history:

  • The Simms, creating a homosexual home for a virtual Jean and himself. Complete with lesbian cat and homicidal budgie named Elvis
  • Collecting Harry Potter chess peices (this one was particularily fun, I read all HP books and the little chess peices actually move!)
  • Copying pirated dvds and starting an illegal collection. Unfortunately none of their selectives appeal to me, as it is a library of unconventional homosexual type movies, such as Pricilla Queen of the Dessert, and The Bird Cage etc
  • Buying a really expensive Home Decor programme which allows you to change the colours of you house walls etc. This entertained him for precicely: three hours.
  • Current fetish – crystals and white magik. Interesting. As I type this, he is hurriedly scribbling notes into an exam pad, drawing diagrams of goats heads and such. I’ll let you know how he goes.