Am totally obsessed with Vampires. I always have been. I’ve read pretty much every book there is to read on vampires, it was the first genre I downloaded on my Kindle. I watch all the movies, series and make sure I’m up to date with all the myths.  It’s something that gives me pleasure, much like other people taking pleasure from studying Buddism, I like to study how creative writers can get with diversifying vampire literature and screenplays.

So imagine my utter delight when I found someone in SA who claims to be a “Real Vampyre”!  She spells it with a ‘y’, and although I’m not going to argue with her, I think her spelling is a bit strange.  Her name is Octarine, and she drinks human blood and has very sharp canine teeth apparently.  She also has invited me on Facebook to become a “donor”.  What she’d like to do with my organs, I have no idea, but oooooooh!  I have a real life vampyre friend on Facebook!

Aside from her becoming friends with Cody Wolfman yesterday (Could it be?  A real life werewolf too?  Must friendship request him immediately!) my real life vampyre facebook friend talks about her coven, her otherkin friends and always links to Vampyre Rights websites.  And once a week, I generally stalk the fuck out of her.  Yesterday, I took the “Are you a real Vampyre?” test, and I pretty much passed. So did a few of my Twitter friends when I tested them.  You should too.

So yes.  I have a new pastime to relieve my stress.  Some people drink, some people do sport, some people ohmmmm with crossed legs during yoga.  Me?  I stalk real life vampyres on Facebook.  Because honestly, what’s more stressful than knowing there is a lady out there in my country who claims to have sharp canine teeth and is willing to suck on my blood?  Not knowing and being jumped on in the night!


  1. Helen says:

    if you like vampires you should read “You Suck: a love story” by Christopher Moore. Funniest. Book. Ever.

    Just saying…

    Nice picture btw

  2. Twistygirl says:

    Love the picture!
    You should have seen the guy I had breakfast with. He had some real life vampire teeth, I couldn’t stop staring. He seemed to be doing ok in the sun, and also ate normal food, so I think his human, but the teeth, they were vampire.

  3. Shebee says:

    Twisty – dude. That guy would’ve been in serious danger of me asking for his toothy grin and autograph if it had been me having breakfast with him.

    So was it a date? Please say it was. Then I could write my own version of “You Suck: a love story” for you.

  4. Tara says:

    Haahahahaha you legend. I can’t believe you actually sent the friend request in the first place.

    P.S. I may have new books for you. Once I sort through the 70 billion new acquisitions and find which ones are half decent.

    P.P.S. Helen is totally right. The Christopher Moore book is hilarious

  5. Angel says:

    Oh my lawd. Have you read the questions on that “are you a vampire” test!? Its laughable!! I really find it hard to believe people take that kinda crap seriously.
    Oh, and I must be a vampire because I am over 36 and I could hear “that sound”.
    Have you read any Anne Rice yet?

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