Numbers of me

4 – the approximate hours of sleep I’ve had since Thursday.

9 – the amount of random strangers I woke up to in the early hours of Saturday morning.

2 – the time of morning I am now typing this up with tea and toast in hand delivered by my divine Cath.

96 – messages in my inbox from someone who sent them while I was not in presence for a period of 2 hours.

7 – different shades of shit I’m about to get myself into knowing full well that I shouldn’t.

1 – proud friend of a friend on TV.

10 – score on the richter scale of urgency that I shave my legs.

2 – fragrances, mine and not mine.

0 – regrets.

4 – pillows all equally positioned around my head in…

3 – …minutes.

1 – very content girl.

Hands held and kisses on a forehead go a long way.  I’m just saying.


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