Nothing says I love you…

like three members of the band known as Captain Stu, dressed as Savanna lemons, walking through the entire agency of aqua, in pursuit of me.  To serenade me with “Truly, Madly, Deeply”.

You can watch the video here.  Excuse the dumbstruck catching-flies-with-my-open-mouth vibe.

What’s funny is that they had to walk through reception, management, client service, development, design & then copywriting sections to get to me.  Which meant that every aquanaut along the way got up from their desks and followed them.  How hilarious!  And embarrassing! And so damn cool!

What for?  Everyone’s asking me, so I’ll definitely tell you about it.  Basically, for their digital Valentines Day campaign, Savannah has decided in their own “it’s dry but you can drink it” way to ‘savannagram’ loved ones.  Apparently they’ve got a competition running on Facebook.  I suppose one of the perks of being a blogger is that they had to practice on someone, right?  I got to meet the Captain Stu band! Woo!

Check whatalottagot too, a box full of romance kit!

  • Cheesy romance novel
  • CD of classic romance songs
  • Box of chocolates
  • Lemon-flavoured condoms (shit you not)
  • I love you Teddy Bear
  • Erotic fridge poetry (gonna activate those babies as soon as I get home!)
  • A cool little wrist strap USB stick thinger
  • Roses & posies
  • Feathers
  • Yellow windmill (for the breeze when you’re nekkid, maybe?)

Ha ha ha, hilarious! Dudes, go enter their competition, get involved in their campaign, follow them on Twitter, it seems like a lot of fun.

Which leaves only one thing, now.  Savanna got it right completely, can Jon live up & exceed their spading this vday? No pressure, honey…

Thanks SavannaCaptain StuQuirk, you made my day!


  1. Tara says:

    That’s freaking awesome dude. Love it. +10 points for the lemon costumes and girl porn too (that would be the book).

    And tell my geek crush to turn the video on himself next time too. As lovely as you are, he doesn’t show his face enough.

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