Not one for sexting.

Jon and I have an awesome relationshit. He really is one of my bestest mates. We can hang out and play xbox, watch movies, sit on the balcony and chat for ages, lie in bed and wrestle, laugh at our own quirks and weirdness, argue about geek subjects and gossip like little school girls. He’s awesome like that.

On a really tough day, my best thing to do is get on the phone with him and bitch non-stop until I’m sated and don’t want to talk about it anymore. His reaction is “mmm” in all the right places, express outrage when necessary and he’s very good at calming me down when I’m severely pissed, anxious, nervous or even when I’m just sad, he has an uncanny way of making me giggle.

I simply love this about him, I can honestly say or do whatever is on my mind and he gets it. And when he doesn’t get it, he tries to. He’s awesome like that.

But then the other night I was standing naked in the bathroom on the phone with him and had to cut him short so I could stop shivering in my skin and take a shower. Before the call ended he jokingly suggested I take a photo and send it to him, and then he hung up.

“Ah, well,” I thought, “it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before, really” so I posed all provocatively and pouted my lips. TWO HOURS LATER, I still didn’t have a reaction. I checked my Blackberry twice, I’d definitely got his address right. Eventually I gave up and went to bed and Private Practice.

The next morning, I got a reply from his work computer. Great. I send an image containing pretty much nothing and me, which he opens in front of his open plan office colleagues. Apparently he “went to bed early”. Really?! Come on!

Well he blew it, my friends. No more sexting from me! He can find another girl to send him naked photos*.


* he better not. I’ll cut off his peen and dip it into his eyeballs.


  1. Shebee says:

    Jon – what the hell? We ARE IN THE 21ST CENTURY! I told you to get a smart phone dude…

    Neal – what is this? Jew-boys-stick-together Club?

    Owen, no dude. That’s how I roll.

  2. Jon says:

    You’re just bitter because I didn’t want to get a matching His Blackberry for your Blingberry :p

  3. Shebee says:


    *dies laughing*

    🙁 This is not cool. I’m suddenly glad I’m not going to see you in esCape Town next week.

  4. Amy says:

    Oh my good gravy – perhaps Jon could take one of himself and you could open it in front of your workmates. That would make you even, right?

  5. cath says:


    Sheen, Peen, on your screen, making your workmates in their pants cream? 😛


    Sheena, just, well done. LOL

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