Not forgotten

Approaching my 33rd week of pregnancy, I’ve never been quite so uncomfortable in my life. It hurts to wee, it hurts to breathe and it even hurts to lie down some days. And then other days I’m perfectly fine doing my toenails or shaving my legs in the bath, where the day before I couldn’t even manage to sit up without assistance. I do have a resident fire-breathing dragon who lives in my esophagus, rolling around in molten lava also known as “heart burn”. Third trimester pregnancy is next level intense.


Please excuse this stained mirror. It’s being removed and replaced in our bedroom renovation, but currently is the only place I can take a photo of my belly – so whenever I do, I get funny questions of why the cupboards and carpet are so dirty and I swear they’re not it’s just the stained mirror. OMGSTOPJUDGINGMEEEE.

We’ve adopted a 3rd cat – a fully grown female named Mogzi, who has completely taken advantage of my surging maternal instincts and has been allowed to take ownership and dominance of everything in our home. She really does believe she’s the queen and that we’re her subjects. The boy cats’ widdle velvet noses are completely out of joint and have now settled into a tolerant terror of the girl. Mogz, little queen bee, is indifferent to them. Though I did catch them all on the bed together just the other day, so I’m sure progress is being made when Jon and I aren’t looking.


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Jon and I have spent our time in our new home gearing up the baby’s room.  We’ve had the most incredible help from Angel and Neels who spent a whole weekend with us sanding down the cot and compactum, repainting things, giggling with us and really just getting things going, since Jon can’t do it all on his own.  And Justin was kind enough to do the driving around in a truck to fetch and carry furniture, he even stayed behind to crack jokes with the guys and help out for a few hours.  I know I keep saying this, but our friend-family in Joburg is so amazing, we are so grateful.  Here are some photos of the room.  Not pictured here are the floating shelves we’ve since put up, and the wall art that has yet to be hung.

Before: room was so dark and dingy because of the overgrown greenery outside. We ripped that out and repainted the room and window panes, curtain rails and sill.

Before: room was so dark and dingy because of the overgrown greenery outside. We ripped that out and repainted the room and window panes, curtain rails and sill.

Jon has spent many hours in this room doing various things I’ve asked him to do. He whined along the way, but these photos tell the truth, don’t they? Of a very excited daddy preparing his son’s room with his bare hands.

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We’ve had a little bit of help from all important people who couldn’t be here in person:

  • My mom sewed the curtains and all the linens and came with me to pick out the fabrics and textures
  • Jon’s mom sent up beautiful things that she’d kept in storage from Jon’s childhood home (the aqua mint curtain tie-backs are a perfect colour match to his room, and they’ve been with Jon’s family for years and years)
  • Jon’s sister sent up the cot from her two kiddos
  • My dad is making a book shelf / toy box for the boy child in matching blue, out of wood
  • Jon’s dad used to live in the chair below before he passed away – now his grandson will grow up on it
  • My sister Ash came up for a week and helped put together the final shopping list for baby’s room, and fetched and carried lots of packets, as well as ran around Baby City and BabiesRus on my behalf trying to find the right sized mattress
  • The boy cats (and now Mogzi too!) have contributed by sleeping on all the baby things to make sure that when their human brother arrives he’ll know they were here first



And finally, we’re still going strong with renovations to the main bedroom.  It’s now a race against time – who will finish first – the baby’s birth or the bloody bedroom/bathroom extension? It’ll be so worth it once it’s done, but right now Jon and I (and all the cats) are squeezed into our tiny spare bedroom down the passage. I get up about 15 times a night to pee, which means I’ve gotta walk along the freezing cold tiles down the passage, and let me tell you, this house is COLD. Winter is going to be very inneresting, that’s for sure.



With hope, the above pic will eventually allow us to have a 6m long bedroom, with a floating wall, a walk-in closet, a mini lounge area and a beautifully specced bathroom that Jon and I designed ourselves. It will be our dream space, and the theory is that it’ll be no kids allowed. Haha. My mom and Kev got it right, kind of, and I know that Kate from Rupert Approves is getting it right so far with her little Carter, so I’m hoping we can stick to the rule and keep our son in his beautifully done (if we say so ourselves) nursery room and out of mom and dad’s love nest. Because grrrr 😉