Nonpooh & distroofs about da troof.

Some of the freelance writing I do involves transcription work for my company, but paid as overtime.  One of the current projects I’m working on involve Life logs.

The kind where people are paid to write hourly reports on what they are currently doing (obviously not including logging “I’m writing this report” because that would just be silly. Kinda like when you speak to someone online and you ask them what they’re doing and the answer is: “I’m speaking to you”.  I mean honestly- harvest a brain, dumbass).  Anyway.  So people are logging their hourly events, right.  And my job is to decipher what they’re actually doing when they say:

11:00am Went to visit my friend

12:00pm Just hanging out with him at his place

Now, I dunno about you – but to me that just reeks of bullshit.  She says “just hanging out” but what she really meant was “oh nothing, he just whipped out his willy.  I’m going to go inspect it.  Orally. Maybe make a cuppa tea after”.

Anyway.  Deciphering and analyzing, that’s my job.  And then rewriting the words.

20:06pm I’m just wondering if it’s only me who has such a filthy minded thought process [read: I know you all do too, you dirty mo’fo’s. I’m just not afraid to admit it.]

Update on the hypothetical pooh situation (or non-pooh, as it were): found the problem! It’s the fokken instant oats I chow every morning!  Apparently, according to my intelligent and wise little housemate, it’s known to cause… er… blockage.  No more Oatee’s for me!  I’m going to try my hand at Super K.  With like, flaxseed oils and nuts or something.  Maybe chuck in some Vitamin E oils and seeds.  Worth a try, right?  At the very least at least my skin will benefit from it.

I may walk around like a duck and have constipation looks all over my face, but by God my skin will be BEAUTIFUL!


  1. cath says:

    oh and ps. life logs…

    mine is:

    8am swoon
    9am swear at numbnut
    10am swoon
    11am swear at computer
    12pm swear about lack of breakfast
    1pm swoon
    2pm text sheena and ask if shes poohed yet
    etc etc etc

  2. Vernon says:

    Try mixing in some digestive enzymes with your oats and takes
    some probiotics… Ur system needs a detox …

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