Nom nom nom

So I might not always make the best choices, or spell words exactly like the dictionary does, or even put the commas in the right, places.  But I always blog.  And I always do it with love.  And fuck it, even SA Blog Awards uses their own version of word orders, look here for proof:

So anyway.  Now that we’ve all seen that, can we click on this please:

nominate this blog

There are three days left.  THREE DAYS.  But I personally think you should do it right now, because if you think “oh, I don’t feeeeel like it.  I’ll do it just now.” then you’re a twat, because everybody knows that “just now” means “probably never” and Probably Neverers never get anywhere.  Probably.

So ya, after that delightful speech, I’m sure you feel all motivated and in a giving mood.  So I’m obliged to receive, so go nomnomnominate me.  You’ll feel better about yourself, fact.

Also, last pitch, did you know it was my birthday yesterday?  Aren’t us birthday people supposed to get what we want?  Well, I want to get into that blog award thingie.  The Best Personal one.  Or overall blog.  Hell, even the Twitter account of the year.  Whichever, I’m not fussy. I just want another shiny thing to add to my widgets.

And to maybe be asked to tea with that Mandela fella.


  1. Jonathan says:

    Geez, they really make you jump through hoops…

    1. Click Link.
    2. Enter email address and CAPTCHA confirmation code.
    3. Wait for email.
    4. Click confirmation link in the email.

    Being a human really has become a lot of hard work.

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