No Title of RelevAnce.

I’m not sure why, but I have a sudden urge to write something.  Anything.  It might be the time of the month where I’m all emotional and contemplative or whatever, but the last few days I’ve found myself very self involved and introspective.  Nothing is wrong, per se, but something is off.  Different.  Oddish.

My sleep patterns are completely whack lately.  I wake up every two hours, stare at the roof, check Twitter, watch the clock, force myself back to sleep.  On Friday night I woke up every two hours, on the dot.  Fair enough, I was sleeping over at Jon’s place for the first time, so it was a new place, new sounds, new bed… but familiar breathing next to me, so why the unrest?

On Sunday Jon took me & his divine mommah to watch Cats, a pantomime.  It was my first real theatre experience, I loved it.  The cats were awesome, climbing all over our chairs at interval and we were right in the front, so close we could smell the sweat! I loved the three hour show – can’t wait to go back to watch Grease!

This coming Wednesday (2 more sleeeeeps!) my mom will be in town.  She’s given me a list of who she wants to see, and I’m whoreganising it.  She’ll be with me until Saturday afternoon, I am so bloody excited for her to see my car, my home, my new hood, my new life.  She’s heard about it all over the phone sure, but seeing it in person will reassure her that I’m not desperate for food rations I think.  And maybe when she sees how cool my house is she’ll stop nagging me to move in with Jon so he can “protect” me from big, bad, scary Johannesburg – Thug Life (TM).

My freelance writing has suddenly picked up.  I’ve got jobs coming in left, right and centre and I’m loving it.  More money makes me a happy SheBee.

I have colourful post-its on my desk.

I’m missing Flea, Britt & Cath so much lately.  Cath mostly – I have a craving to see her, flip back to it being The Shath days just for 12 hours in order for me to lie on the lounge floor in my undies and laugh at her digging in the bin for a russian.

That is all.

Oh, PS: Elephant Shoes 😉


  1. cath says:

    Miss you too fuckface.

    Digging in the bin for a Russian.



    tis fine, tis fine… remember… i have blackmail too…

    two words

    UH HUH



    I should ask your new housemates about THAT one… or warn them… either way 😛



    //ps. remind me to tell you about something//



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