No Regret Friday’s

Some of you may already know that while not often, I do sometimes on very special occasions crack open a bottle of something fun and get a bit pickled with mates.  Mostly, I forget how to open my szhips (drunk speak for zips) or trip over my own feet or climb into bed with Jon and poke him incessantly all the while giggling like a moron until he wakes up, glares at me and huffs to the other end of the bed.

Sometimes I tend to make drunken phone calls to Cath, because of all my friends she is the one person who speaks Drunk Sheena better than I do.  Probably because most of the drunken moments I’ve had in life were with her.  And I wasn’t even the one who dug in a bin looking for a nonvegetarian sausage (long story for another time).  Not withstanding the night we discovered our self-professed ability to channel Suetjie into our very own Shath, I’m a messy drunk.

And even when I’m not drunk, I’m an even messier driver.  So I never, ever, combine the two.  And you shouldn’t either.  Therefore, I am in full support of SAB’s “No Regret Friday” campaign, which allows you to show your support and encourage your friends to be responsible with their drinking. You can get involved in a number of ways:

  1. Tweet about it and using the hash tag #noregretfriday
  2. Log onto to see personal accounts by people who have been affected by drunk driving (not pretty)
  3. Tell your mates about it. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. I personally have a spare room made up always for friends who shouldn’t be driving home drunk.

But all is not lost!  If you’re one of those stubborn okes who refuses to give up your own bed (even if it’s just to get home and find out you’re sleeping on the couch for being drunk anyway), let me introduce you to Goodfellas.  Goodfellas will pick you up and drive your car home when you’ve had a few too many, as well as assisting you by listening to your drunken attempt at singing Alanis Morrisette (I’m looking at you, Cath), and then comfort your Loser Complex when the buzz wears off.

One friend of mine swears he convinced his Goodfella fella to stop off at MaccyDee’s on the way home for his munchies.  Win!

Sign up for Goodfellas now & make a pledge here for No Regret Friday.


PS: You should see the random photo frame package dropped off at my office from SAB reminding me why being a messy drunk should really only happen infrequently.


    • Shebee says:

      Yup, me too – hence the post. I love the campaign – it’s about time it got activated digitally 🙂

      Thanks for the correction, have fixed.

  1. Chris M says:

    I hadn’t read the post to be honest, I saw Sue’s link by accident as I bookmarked this to read at home instead of racing through it now 🙂

  2. Jon says:

    Love both ideas!

    Interesting to read on the GoodFellas site about a company option (on the About Us) page. A great perk to offer to employees in my opinion, especially for company events like a Year End. Definitely going to forward it on for consideration for our function later this year!

  3. Cath says:

    Thanks for telling the world about my bin sausage obsession. I wholeheartedly support this campaign. As you know, I’ve had to live through the effects of drunk driving when someone close to me was arrested for it. Also, I don’t drive, and I refuse to get into the car with someone who has. I’m a HUGE fan of the cab companies in our country and Goodfellas is a FANTASTIC company.

    Big up to you for blogging this. LOL. You’ve told everyone what we used to get up to when we went to buy milk. LOL

  4. Arkwife says:

    I work part-time at Greensleeves Restaurant in Sterkfontein and recently a guest actually came to ask for directions because he needed to explain to Goodfellas how to get there. I think I should suggest to the owners to ass the Goodfellas contact details to their brochures and invoices. Awesome service 🙂

  5. Caro Smit says:

    South Africans Against Drunk Driving is about getting all ordinary SAfricans to think about their drinking,and support us few people who are working tirelessly to try and stop deaths and the pain from these unnecessary crashes.
    Each of you could/?should join us please – to make a difference! Alternately publish our website details – read up about the Units of Alcohol,and follow us on twitter @SADD_SA

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