[Competition!] No Regret Friday = No Regret Prizes!

Remember a while back I told you all about the No Regret Friday campaign?

SAB’s “No Regret Friday” campaign allows you to show your support and encourage your friends to be responsible with their drinking. You can get involved in a number of ways:

  1. Tweet about it and using the hash tag #noregretfriday
  2. Log onto http://www.noregretfriday.co.za to see personal accounts by people who have been affected by drunk driving (not pretty)
  3. Tell your mates about it. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk. I personally have a spare room made up always for friends who shouldn’t be driving home drunk.
They’ve just launched their latest TV ad too, which I think is mind blowing:
The campaign is doing really well so far, check out some stats:
Now – would you like to be involved?  I’ve got a Goodfellas Smarty25 membership going for the best No Regret Friday comment on this blog post.  So get commenting people, I wanna hear all about your bad drinking stories.  If it’s good enough, the guys at SAB might even publish your story to http://www.noregretfriday.co.za with all the celeb stories.
Simple as that, just comment on this post (a share on Facebook or Twitter wouldn’t hurt either) and you could be a winner of a Goodfellas membership.  Where drivers deliver you AND your car home safely.  Possibly even put your bad self to bed.
* I’ll announce the winner next Friday, please make sure you include your email address when commenting so I can contact you!
** I have not been paid to write this post, nor have I personally been part of the campaign mechanics.  So this is all out of respect for what the whole thing stands for, and not a biased post.  Just saying.


  1. Dale Ferreira says:

    Important messaging, I had a mate pulled over Friday night and he spent an evening with some friends behind bars, not ideal way to spend your night. That being said I do not think that our main concern should be getting caught!

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