No, it really isn’t a box filled with edible undies!

So last week Friday I took the day off work to sort some shiz out, and at about 11am I get a call from one of the girls in my office:

Co-Worker: You’re dating someone, aren’t you?

Me: Errrr, not the last time I checked, no.

Co-Worker: Don’t lie, it explains why you’ve been grinning so much lately, you’ve joined the sexed up people!

Me: Dude, what the fuck are you on about – I’m about to sign the release forms at the pound, can I call you back?

Co-Worker: Oh please.  Only people who are getting sexed up receive big boxes of something delivered to their offices. Can I open it?  Please?

The following Monday I walk into my office to find 4 of the girls, coffees clasped firmly in hand, planted around a big box with my name on it.  After refusing to believe that it wasn’t edible underwear from a secret lover, they were just mildly disappointed to see that I pulled out a very classy looking bottle of 2004 Perdeberg Shiraz.

The wine came as an introduction to a very well thought out online marketing campaign for the Perdeberg Wine Estate, who have had their mascot zebra (aptly named Merlot) kidnapped.  The guys at Perdeberg are offering loads of free wine as a reward to whoever participates in their search for Merlot.  You can help out by visiting their website and answering clues as to where the poor little striped animal may be.  Hundred of drunken moments could soon be yours!

Well done to their online marketing agency, this is probably the most original idea I have come across in years when it comes to marketing.


  1. simonB says:

    lol cool post.

    I am guessing that as one of the few South African bloggers not to have received a bottle of 2004 Perdeberg Shiraz, the guys over at must think that I am one of the chief suspects in the missing Zebra case 😉

    Hehe well they not that far off – Dudes hand over a case of your best or your stripy beast will be forced to do hard labour!!!

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