No I haven’t died

Sorry to disappoint.  Ha!

So, life has happened around me and I haven’t blogged.  Soz.

Um. Ja. I’m okay.  Grinning.  Hugely.

I see the Anglug on Saturday.  Can you say yippie kai yay, Motherfucker?

I can.

Thats all.  More when I have time.

PS:  **Grin**


  1. Stef says:

    grinning hugely… did you get laid motherfucker???
    i hope so 🙂
    yeah Anglug rocks LOL
    ok byyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyye

  2. Tamara says:

    Monday night news: “Earlier today, the city of Durban was struck by a massive tidal wave of fabulousness. Scientists believe the cause of this event is the spontaneous arrival of Anglug, the knucklehead and Bridget, coupled with the resident fabulousness of Sh@th. While each of these factors are mighty on their own, combined they are devastating.”

  3. shebee says:

    oh haa haa.

    thanks for the comments dudes. be safe its fridat the 13th.


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