So, you might have noticed – you’ve been directed to my new site!  I’m very excited about it, much more professional looking, don’t you think? There will be slight changes over time until I have it perfect. You know me, anal til the day I die.

I would like to thank Richard Catto of Red Planet Hosting for putting up with all my whining all his patience and assistance in explaining to me all the intricate details of html and coding. He truly has been marvelous. Very helpful, very professional, very prompt. He’s pretty good at ass-kicking if you need one like I do. So there, I’ve pimped him enough. If you want your very own domain like mine* give him a call on +27 21 712 1405 or email.

Now. Sales pitch out the way, lets get down to the nitty gritty. I want honesty. I want critique. The site is still under construction, so it is changeable. Pity there aren’t any real life construction workers hanging around. I could do with a sweaty hairy man wondering around topless right now…

But I digress. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Winner for best idea gets a construction worker’s lunch time full of surprises and muscles. Mmmmm. For the men, secretly, we all know you know you’ll like that. If not, you can have me for an hour – how about that?

YAY. Welcome to WordPress, me!

*be like me, cos I am cool.