#MyGoogleZA Story & Win!

why won't my son sleep?

Guys, have you ever thought about what life would be like without Google? 

“I wish I knew how long it took for the Taj Mahal to be built.”

Well, that’s a damn shame, now we’ll never know.

Thankfully this is 2016 and Google does exist, to answer my 3AM thoughts as a sleepless mother, to help me diagnose odd rashes that crop up on my son’s butt from time to time, to navigate me to my next meeting on time and with the shortest route with the least traffic, and to remind me when I’ve forgotten important notes through its app. Google is part of my everyday life, in real life and online. These days it is my constant companion for the random thoughts I have, such as this morning’s alone:

  • If I plant a seed in a teacup, will the seed outgrow and smash the teacup to smithereens?
  • How tall will my son get if his feet are already so huge?
  • Where is Gallagher Estate and how long will it take me to get there from Fourways?
  • Dr. Seuss theme party ideas
  • Calorie free cake recipes

In 2004 when my daughter Kiera died, I felt so lost and alone and like I was the only person to ever have gone through anything like it. I was 19 years old living a life of a broken heart and I couldn’t relate to anyone. Until my mom used Google search to find a support group in South Africa for SA Preemies. Suddenly, I was in touch with other moms who had birthed their babies far too early, were still in hospital, or had lost their little ones like I had. Out of nowhere, I had support and understanding and felt like there was hope for recovery. More importantly, out of this group I found Tertia – one of SA’s best-known bloggers and the lady who introduced me to writing out my feelings online, reading blogs and playing around on social media.

So much has happened since then. For one thing, I healed over time. For another, I found my true calling and have been a social media professional for the last few years which gave me a career I could never dream of, one that I am so passionate about. That then lead me to move to Joburg from Durban, which then allowed the planets to align and is where I met Jon, my real life husband who helped me create our human baby child – something I never, ever expected would happen again.


That’s my Google story – what’s yours? Tell me in 300 words or less via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Use the hashtag #MyGoogleZA and tag me in your posts. The winner gets a Google swag bag valued at over R5000 which includes:

  • R250-00 Google Play Vouchers
  • Google Cardboard (https://www.google.com/get/cardboard/)
  • Selfie Stick
  • Power banks
  • Google Headphones
  • iKnow Board Game
  • Sony Xperia device

How to enter

  1. Share your Google story on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, tag me in it (@SheBeeGee on Twitter or Instagram, and Facebook)
  2. Use the hashtag #MyGoogleZA.
  3. Entries close on Monday 16 May at 9am, after which the winner will be announced on the SheBee Facebook page, and then emailed.
  4. You can only enter once, and entrants must be 18 or older.
  5. The winner must be prepared to have their story published.
  6. By entering, you agree to the following Ts and Cs, which can be found here.

Once a winner has been chosen from here, and the 14 other bloggers involved with this campaign, the 15 winners will be sent over to Google, who will choose their favourite stories which could be featured in Elle magazine.Good luck!

Good luck!

win a google swag bag

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