My sister Shlee

So. It was my sisters birthday yesterday, sadly I had written her something beautiful and loving, but left it at home on my flash drive. Now the moment has passed, so instead I’ll tell you a few things about her instead.

Name: Shlee. Also known from birth as Ashleigh.

Age: 17. Holy shitballs! How did it happen so quickly, she was only 4 the other day?!


· Shlee has weird feet, monkey like almost. Her feet can wrap around and pick up almost anything. She gets this from an alien, I swear.

· Just before she was dragged to Australia by my parentals (Dad and Trace) I caught Shlee on camera doing a Justin Timberlake impersonation. For those of you who know me more personally, please see my facebook profile for more evidence, right under the Video’s section.

· In the shower, Shlee sings like a pig being slaughtered. But in Sing Star Challenge, she kicks my ass and is the only one able to do so. It is a world wide phenomenon.

· Aaron is Shlee’s boyfriend. The first thing I’m doing when I get to Australia for my holiday is meeting up with the little fucker and giving him a hairy eyeball and questioning his motives. Hehehe, only because its my job.

· If Australia doesn’t make her a famous actress one day, I’ll be totally pissed, because I know that is the one reason she was okay with moving there, the Art School opportunities. Also, she’s pretty damn good at almost anything she does.

· Shlee gets her good looks from me*

· Shlee gets her funny personality from me also**

· She’s grown into a woman and its so sad, that chubby cheeked little kid who used to walk around hinting for stuff all the time was kinda cute, to be honest.

· Shlee is amazing and beautiful and funny and insane and silly. Just like her big sister, but more like herself. You’ve done well, baby blister. Keep doing it!

· Shlee is loved by me very very much. Happy Birthday for yesterday babe xoxoxoxoxx

* Only kidding, technically we’re not actually biological siblings, we’re step sisters.

** But I think I rubbed off on her.


  1. shebee says:

    Leez – no, I overslept yesterday morning and got to work an hour late. Left the memory stick behind is all. I still contacted her and everything, I didn’t forget it was her humphrey bumphrey.

    Chesie babe – So sorry to hear your kak weekend wasn’t all that. I’ll make it up for you when I’m at the game this Saturday, m’kay? If I’m drunk enough I might even find a Cape Girly and smooch her for you too 😉

  2. shebee says:

    PS: Ches I’m glad to see with my new blog theme that you still get to keep the Penoos Toast logo 🙂

  3. Ches says:

    Good good, smooching CT girls is good, good! I like!

    Ya like the new theme Sheebs, and the bat penis is growing on me… (not literally tho)

    Jealous you going to the game cause I think we might actually win this one!!!

  4. Stef says:

    LOL @ Leez… i’ll just keep my mouth shut then…!

    happy biffday shlee… i WISH i could be 17 again, so make the most of it!


  5. Ches says:

    Ha ha, I’ll reserve comment Sheebs….that’s for

    I am, however, quite jaded and confused at the mo…someone put the headlights on! 🙂

  6. Amy says:

    Happy burfday Shlee!
    They’re in Western Australia right? Tell her to try getting into the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts….. alma mater of Hugh Jackman! Really good drama school over on that side of the country….

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