My life in pictures…

I’ve really gotten into Instagram lately.  It’s become my first social network to check out daily. Although I’ve been a member for ages, I only recently started seeing the fun once Tumi showed me how to add and follow more friends.  Dumbass I am, not like I head up a social media team or anything 😉

Anyway, I thought I’d show you what I’ve been up to lately by using photographs taken through Instagram.

Jon and I are really addicted to Supernatural at the moment.  Despite both of us having long hours at the office, we rush home to cook together and then veg in front of the TV at least 3 nights a week to see what Sam and Dean are hunting.  The story line is so whack that we can’t help but follow it religiously.  I think half the reason I love it so much is that this is the first series Jon and I have watched together from the beginning.  We have very different tastes in entertainment usually, Jon loves Stargate Universe something something, and well, I love Jersey Shore.  So that says it all!


With the exception of Snowgoose, all the girls got together this weekend for some quality time to laugh, scream, insult and love each other.  We baked scones, ordered in KFC, made Shath pasta, stuffed ourselves on The Cupcake Lady goodies and generally acted like we were at a bulimia convention.  It was awesome.


A while back I did a training course on teaching a big corporate client’s marketing team how social media works.  It was loads of fun and I’ve realised more and more how much I love lecturing.  As a thank you, I received this autographed copy of the Springbok Kitchen cook book.  How awesome!



Speaking of work, it’s been crunch time here at aqua lately.  With impending deadlines everywhere I look, and my team working like absolute little legends, I decided we needed a few extra smiles.  This is a photo of all the free smileys we’re offering people who visit us in the social media department.  No negativity will be tolerated in our happy zone!


When it comes to my mother’s driving skills, it never ceases to amaze me just how bad her sense of direction is.  On the way back from OR Tambo airport on Sunday, we ended up in Pretoria.  Even after a phone call to Jon for some GPS assistance, we managed to stray off the N1 and landed up in Diepsloot.  Joburg’s version of gangsta paradise.  It was not fun.



I miss Winter.  Not only do I now have to sleep with a fan on, kick off the duvet and sleep in a shirt and undies, but our cats have remembered how to hunt again.  A few days ago I narrowly avoided crushing a dead bird with my foot, it had been lovingly placed right outside my cupboard door.    The day before yesterday morning at sparrows fart I heard the guttural sounds of Pixel after a successful hunt.  Before my eyes had even opened I jumped out of bed to chase him outside.  I fell asleep immediately thereafter, and woke up a while later remembering the sounds.  It’s been over 48 hours since and I’ve yet to find the kill.  Which usually means I’ll smell it sooner or later.  I’m convinced Pixel does this to show me who the master of the house is.  It’s revenge for my taking over his rightful place beside Jon’s head on the pillow.  FML.


Last night I went to the psuedo-parents-in-law for dinner & celebrated the Jewish New Year known as Rosh Hashanah.  I use the term ‘celebrated’ lightly, because although there were mini glasses of very sweet wine on the table, I was told that it’s more of a last-ditch attempt at Jews begging for forgiveness of their sins.  Jon put on his yarmulke* and I had to swear blind that I would not publish a photo.  He was in full-on Jew mode and did all the phlegm prayers that go with a Jewish dinner.  His mom was giggling through three glasses of wine (about three more than she’s used to!) and telling me about all the different traditions she had to learn when she converted many years ago.  She’s so cool, she has a sense of humour about everything!  Here’s her latest favourite joke (she has a new one everytime I visit): An elephant says to a camel “What’s with the boobs on your back, bro?”.  The camel turns around and replies: “Dude, at least I don’t wear a prick on my face like you!”.


So that’s about it for now.  Hope all the Steri winners received their prizes safely.  Check back in tomorrow for a brand new and really cool competition/giveaway thinger!


* AKA his Jewish skull cap.  I’ve only ever seen him wear this two or three times.  So whenever he does I naturally tease him relentlessly.  He looks so formal and different!


  1. Cath says:

    One of my alltime favourite weekends. Bulimia convention…you’re about right. Think I need to be on a strict water and lettuce diet just to recover. LOL.

    P.s. Love you. X

    • Shebee says:

      Thanks Von, I think it’s because I showed a bit more of my private life than I usually do? Or am I imagining things?

  2. Angel says:

    I think instagram may be the only reason I switch to an iPhone! My BB camera is forked!
    I loved the bulimia convention BTW! I went home a little tipsy after all the wine!!


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