My friendly friend Flea

I love my friends. A few of them have been with me through thick and thin, a couple of them have only witnessed some parts of me and one or two of them are still getting to know me. As different to each other as they are, they all have one thing very much in common:

They are all loyal and decent and honest people, and for that I love them. I know that I moan about them all not getting along, which makes things difficult at times when I want to see all of them at once, but some how we manage to get around it. Somebody asked me the other day what my favourite things are about my friends. I couldn’t answer then, but I think I’ll do it now, starting with the original best friend, Flea:

I met Flea first. She was the biggest bitch on earth, or so I thought. She is litrally the size of a 14 year old, but fuck, that woman has attitude! She is six years older than me, but we’ve never really felt the age difference. Its either the fact that *I* am very mature, or she is trying to be mutton dressed as lamb… I think its the former.

Flea and her friend BitchyBlondeBimbo watched me one night, surrounded by a rugby team* dancing the night away on the dancefloor discussing how utterly skanky I was as I had a poor guy, beautiful in personality and looks, waiting for me at home. Little did they know that the very same beautifulinpersonalityandlooks guy was screwing my “best friend” and I had just found out. I was mad as hell, as I’m sure you can understand, and when they confronted me about it, and I let them in on my situation, Flea switched teams very quickly.

You see, when she had found out about her bf cheating on her she politely smashed a glass over his head in front of all his friends and humiliated him. So together, we decided I needed lessons with man-revenge. And so was the start of beautiful friendship.

Over the years, we have both grown up so much. From the days of partying it up in the clubs to where we are now are two very different kinds of people. Flea went from waitress/kindergarten teacher to working for one of the biggest companies there is, and is now in senior management. I still can’t believe that it was only four years ago I had to teach her how emails worked.

I think if I really had to pick only one thing that I love about her, other than the fact that she fits right in with my family and makes herself completely comfortable at my parents house, is that she has the ability to get along with any type of person, as she has pretty much been there and seen it all. We both started out as young, naive and vulnerable girls and have grown up to be something completely different, yet without losing sight of who we are, or our friendship that we find in eachother.

Even tho she is so tiny, she has a heart big enough to fit an elephant and is someone I will always feel ok being myself with.

* I love vaalie season. Rugby teams from all over transvaal come to the coast to compete in curry cups and what what and us local south coast girls get to reap the benefits of hairy, sweaty, manly men who run around in skin tight shorts and almost always no shirts. Yum.