My current favourite things

in life:

1. Every morning Pretty brings me a mocco java that she makes herself. It consists of all those fat free things like sugar, coffee, milk, creamer & hot chocolate. Oh my O-face, it is to die for!

2. As excited as I am to get my newly built office, I absolutely adore my current one. It is far away from everyone else except the IT department, its LARGE, it has aircon and is right near the toilets but far away from the kitchen. I like this.

3. Every morning on the way to work I listen to my song from Snow Patrol. Its emo, but it grounds me and reminds me that I have been in far worse headspaces than I am these days, and that makes me smile. I then listen to Gareth Cliff bitch on 5fm. God I adore that mans arrogance.

4. There is a smell of ‘Home’ when I enter The Shath. It hits me every time, its a mixture of baby powder, stay soft and dettol. It reminds me of Cath & Cam.

5. Yoga. I just love it. I can’t remember the last time I found something I enjoyed doing as much. Even though it sometimes gets us all sweaty and hot, I still walk away feeling like I’ve been drifting on a sail boat.

6. Toast with butter. Nothing else. It is my current favourite meal. Sometimes a bit of scrambled egg. I pick this over a steak even.

Just to piss off Gluggie, I’m ending off on an uneven number:

7. My orange nail polish. Its bright, cheap looking and doesn’t go with any of my clothes, but fuck it I’m in love.

So, if this Hadron Collider thingie does, in fact, end the world today at 09.30am these are the things I will miss the most aside from my family and friends.

Happy hump day everyone, lets hope we get out of it alive!


  1. shebee says:

    Goblin – look, it 09.50am and the human race has still managed to breathe and survive. We live through yet another apocolypse. How bout that. You can share my orange nail polish, we can look cheap together!

    Cath – woo. Humpage abounds. I speak not of my dreams.

    Tamara – oh, grossness! I guess its good for your upper legs, all that squatting.

  2. Amy says:

    You love yoga? I knew it! Quick question : whats your favourite pose ?

    Havent I always said its the best thing ever ? Now the rest of you people, get to it!

  3. SheBee says:

    Kyk – I’ve never really got the whole “lets stay virgins” thing. I mean, what is the point, really?

    Ches – what are being a prime number is?

    Amy – I love it. The warrior pose. I forget its name. It makes me feel so powerful. (Shuttup everyone else, it does!)

    6k – Track no. 9 Headlights On Dark Roads. The first half of it is very different to the rest of the albumns tracks, but the ending chorus gives me goose bumps every time. Every single song on Eyes Open is brilliant. I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed an album in its entirety like that before.

  4. justBcoz says:

    LOL @Glugster.

    Hey Bee – if you can find it, Final Straw is another stunning album by Snow Patrol (2003). It’s not as polished, but still definitely worth a listen … actually, anything with Gary Lightbody singing is worth it!!

  5. Amy says:

    ( Yes everyone else, shut up… ) Warrior pose, i totally get that. MY personal favourite is either pigeon pose or the whole sun salutation series… god, lets not get me started. I’m on a yoga high right now, class only finsihed 2 hours ago….

  6. Don't Believe a Word I Write says:

    Yoga is the devil’s exercise. I’ve done it once, and I was unfortunate enough to stand behind a man who evidently hadn’t washed for a month. I got to watch him strike poses no-one should be able to….strike, while clad only in a gold bikini.
    I’m still horrified.

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