My brain is dead

I don’t know what’s going on with me lately, I’m forgetting things left, right and center.  The other day I drove all the way to work and once I got to my desk I leaned over to set up my laptop only to realise I’d left it at home.  So I drive all the way home and pick it up, rush back to work (now late for a meeting that I had, wait for it, forgotten about) and then realise I’d left the fucking power charger behind!

This morning, after suffering with a migraine for almost three days now, I sit on the bed and try to figure out why the hell the myprodol has still not taken affect, when I look over and realise that fart face over here forgot to even take the bloody pills!

Then, in an absolute stroke of genius this afternoon, I hand over the keys to what is no longer my car and watch as it drives off, content in the knowledge that I take receipt of my new car this weekend.  Three hours later, I get an sms that says there are “weird keys” on the key ring of the Peugeot that I’ve just given to the new owner.  Oh great, only my house keys.  Nothing important or anything.  And then I remember something else, my fucking work key card is also still in the Peugeot.  Awesome.  Now I can’t get into the house OR into the work parking basement.

On a happier note, I forgot all about weigh in classes and have been inhaling fanta grape all day, half a bag of the big Simba chips packet’s, about five mini chomps and I cannot get the thought of a Nando’s chicken and cheese wrap out of my head.


PS: No, I’m not pregnant.  I’m just someone who has a defunct brain and can’t figure out why.


  1. Po says:

    Well, according to Sass, and my own research because I am feeling exactly the same way, it was a full moon which makes everyone go a bit nuts, and also it is Mercury retrograde at the moment (apparently mercury slows down and appears to go backwards?) which supposedly causes exactly what you describe, especially a breakdown in communication in all spheres, including brain to body!

    So there you go, an explanation from your resident planetary experta nd fellow sufferer.

  2. Shebee says:

    Oh my god Po, if this wasn’t such a ridiculous explanation I probably wouldn’t believe you – but it’s too good to not be true. Hahaha, here’s hoping we get over it soonish!

  3. MeeA says:

    Hmmm. I would’ve gone with Amy too, but having been convinced for weeks that I was pregnant because of pretty much the same kind of symptoms (combined with the nausea and super tiredness), only to be thoroughly disabused of that idea by my gynae essentially telling me that I’m fat and need to get my behind in a gym, I like Po’s suggestion better.

    Pee Ess: Buck up, Chickadee – it gets even more interesting after you hit 30! ;-P

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