My birthday wishlist

Ok so I’m giving in to peer pressure and writing out a list for everyone who’s asked me.  Please know that this is not a subtle hint to anyone to buy me something.  It’s purely for those who have asked (Neesh, Rozz, Jeannie, Tam, Jon, Mom, etc.)

So.  What would I like?

  • Things for my office.
    • Frames – black ones and silver ones and antique ones.  I love frames.  I need to have more photos printed.  Which reminds me;
      • Groupon vouchers for photo prints would be AWESOME
    • Framed mirrors.  Of every shape and size.  I love me some mirrors.  With frames around them (I’m sensing a pattern here.  This may be my latest obsession).
    • Prettiful lamps – I like neutral colours.  My office is white right now, from top to floor so pretty light colours would be great.  Think like this.
    • Little pot plants and flowers
  • Essie nail polish (I need red, but I love all of their colour ranges)
  • Aroma oil burners
  • Stationery (I can never have enough cool pens and gadgets)
  • Angry Birds paraphernalia to add to my ever-growing collection
  • Instagram magnets
  • iPhone 4s cover
  • Amazon vouchers
  • iTunes vouchers
  • Anything with bees on it
  • Cath.  In a box with a bow on her head like a puppy.

Although I also love accessories, I’m allergic to fake silver and gold.  It makes me itchy and I come out in lumps.  There you go, I hope that helps.  Thank you to those who have asked.  Please know that I’m really not expecting gifts from any of you – just a proclamation of how much I am adored would do 😛

Yaaaaaaaaaaaay birthday!


  1. Cath says:

    Twin twin on the jewellery thing. P says it’s frustrating that I won’t wear gold.

    I’m ridiculously upset that you didn’t list me as something you want for your birthday. Oh dear, we must’ve grown apart. 😛 KIDDING CHOP. How old will you be now!?! 28 or something? waahahha. Spring chick’n.

    Love you X

  2. Angel says:

    OMG how I long to be able to bring you a Cath for your birthday again… Having her change her clothes in the back seat of the Navara was quite something to witness let me tell you! 😛

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