My backyard.

This is where I come to take a break from the chaos in my head.  The geese may be burglars, but they’re beautiful to watch.  On my way out here, I grab a flask of hot chocolate, smokes and my blackberry and come to vegetate in the vegetation.  It’s my solace right now.  Out here, it is quiet.  There is no Afrikaans being shoved down my throat by patients or kids screaming or dogs barking or kittens whining.  It’s just me, the water, the trees and the gangster geese. 

I feel almost as awesome here as I do when I’m on the beach.  Must be the whole natural water vibe I like. 

What’s not so awesome though, is that I sometimes forget I live on a farm and happen to walk down through the bush in wedges and white pants.  After lunch time today, I’ve learnt my lesson.

Where is your solace section?  I’m curious to know what you guys do when you need to clear your head.


  1. Po says:

    I find the sea the most soothing thing in the world, however I live far far away from the sea. So I retreat into my head, cos noone can be there except me.

  2. stalker says:

    I actually have a place in my head that I can access at any moment in time, you know I have gone there when my eyes glaze over and I stop responding to questions lol

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