Montecasino Mavericks of Chance Meander: Awesome.

Edith Venter and Jon are BFF’s for life.  They met at the Montecasino Mavericks of Chance Meander I told you about last week, bonded over a game of poker and I snuck a picture of them when Edith wasn’t looking:

Check the grin.  What a groupie.

So anyway, aside from the very important fact highlighted above, let me tell you how lucky I am!

We arrived at Southern Sun Montecasino to check in at 2pm on Friday afternoon.  This honestly is my favourite hotel in Joburg, it’s restaurant Punchinellos has some of the best chefs in the country, their lobby is gorgeous and their bar / lounge area is so comfy.  Not to mention the rooms! Go click on that link and look at their rooms.  Speaking of rooms, this was in ours as we walked in:

  • Mini bottle of bubbly (Jaycee Le Rocks, like Tumi says it, cos she’s super classy)
  • A poker set
  • Cool blingy key ring
  • Martini set – raaaaaaaad!
  • A personalised letter from Monte’s GM, ending off with “Can’t wait to meet you later”.  Nice touch.
  • An envelope with free double tickets to just about every live feature happening at Monte right now;
    • The Nandos Jozi Comedy Festival
    • Piazza on ice
    • Boktown SA vs. Aus rugby match
    • Numetro tickets
    • 45% discount on Jewel Africa (bling bling.  Birthday next month, dear boyfriend, just saying…)

After ripping open the freebies, I we jumped on the bed, rolled around on the carpeted floor and ate all the welcome cupcakes, truffles and snacks we then put our game faces on to meet the other Mavericks at La Scala restaurant.  There we were fed finger foods, cocktails, VIP bracelets and awesome scarves to avoid the chilly outdoor wind:

Love my neon pink nail polish!

After being briefed on Mavericks of Chance campaign, we were officially welcomed by the GM Steve, and divided into groups to go into the casino and kick each others asses.  Which I took to heart and did my utmost.  And I won almost all of the rounds in our team, which put me in the final round to win 1 of 3 brilliant prizes.

Except for Roulette.  I sucked at Roulette.  And poker, come to think of it.  Zwai Bala became my number 1 nemesis in these two rounds.  Rodney (pictured above) was totally biased and formed an alliance with Zwai.  What a shelebrilite!

Anyway, I won’t bore you with the details of how I lost these two silly games – suffice it to say that on average, I rocked it and came 2nd over all, walked home with an awesome LG hifi & sound system and about R650 in credit on my newly acquired Club Festival card.  Which Jon and I went and blew immediately after dinner that night.  But all was not lost as we cashed out R1000 on our way back to the hotel.  What a win!

Once back at the hotel, I would not accept that poker got the better of me, so we cracked open the poker set Monte gave us, went to chill in the Southern Sun Montecasino hotel lobby, ordered some sherry and hot chocolate and Jon taught me how to play poker until the wee hours of the morning.

The next morning we woke up (I haven’t slept as well since getting out of that beautiful bed, by the way) and headed down for a breakfast for hungover champions.

There are loads more photos available on the Montecasino Facebook page here.  Check them out, I look like a dork in most of them.

Thank you SO much to Montecasino (and Avon’s team for the hard work they put in making this an experience of a lifetime) once again, I can’t wait to go back and be a Maverick of Chance and win my millions, because as I learnt this weekend, gambling isn’t isolated in taking chances – we take chances every day of our lives, like now – I’m about to take a chance in traffic on my way home.  Look out, Joburg taxis!


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    I want to roll on the carpets and sleep on the fancy bed. Camguru wants to hobnob with Edith Venter.

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