Monday 20Q…with Nic Harry!

Nic Harry is an all round nice guy. I’ve suspected this for a while, but having a chat with him late on a Sunday night just confirmed my usually accurate summations of people. Although quite apprehensive of offending anyone of my readers, he came across as relaxed, funny & very down to earth.

I’m sorry to report that the dude is involved, ladies. How sad for all of us, but I’m sure one day when we look back we’ll remember that he deserves his wonder woman, even if its not me.



Nic happens to be the master mind behind SA Rocks, which is a Virgin Money sponsored site. The idea behind it is to promote our country with positivity and not focus on the bad which is quite rare these days. Nic is a fellow blogger, writer & journalist and if you read further down below you will see that he’s lucky enough to be living his dream.


So, Nicholas Haralambous.
Yes, that’s me
Please state your full ID number and credit card details. Haha, kidding.
Hahahaha, ja, you’re lucky, because I know people!
Oooh – I am terrified.
Nah, don’t be, they’re all geeks.
But you aren’t a geek are you? Do you wear glasses? Oh wait, you do!
Yes. I wear glasses, have since I was about 7 or so. Does that make me a geek? I think it might.
I do too. So I guess that makes me a geekess. Where in Jozi are you?
I’m in Sandton. Is it safe to release that sort of info these days?
Well. Come now. My readers are lovely. I would trust them with my ID number (in another life time, scaly assholes!)
hahahahaha! That’s what they all say.
How long have you officially been a pro blogger for?
PRO-blogger… I’m not sure that I am one.
Well. You’re pretty out there, aren’t you. I see your face all over.
You do? Really? Where?
Hahaha. I know people.
Touche! Ok well lets see: I started blogging in 2005 sometime. I’ve had various blogs, websites, projects, jobs and the like. I recently settled on and as my main two are my main focuses. Blogging has also become part of my dayjob, so that’s a plus
Are you enjoying the attention sarocks has been given the last few months?
Um, at the moment that’s a tough question. I love being in SA, I love the country and I love being a part of the project, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes it’s tough to be 100% positive all the time. I needed a tough week to reevaluate my position I think, and make the same tough decisions.
And did you get it right?
Yes, I think I’m getting it right…for me. That’s the important part, I think.


Alright, onto the very important questions, put your thinking hat on.
Hit me.
Your shoe size?
Hahahaha, 9.5
Do you do back rubs?
I like to receive them but I do enjoy dishing them out I suppose.
Bloody men! Are you in a relationship?
Yes, I am.
Brilliant, whats her phone number (so we can warn her)?
Warn her? Listen if you want dirt, you’d probably need to go to her over anyone else!
Weirdest job you’ve ever heard of?
Well, I watch Dirty Jobs on Discovery so there have been some stinkers in there. Cheese maker was a weird one.
Hmm. I once read up on a dude who fixed dead peoples hair in preperation for funerals, can’t beat that!
I dunno, I think you could if you had the time, you and I don’t though.
Whats your biggest fear?
Do you know your HIV status?

Good for you! Your weirdest medical problem ever?

Interesting story: Planters wart on my foot that was eventually healed by my great grandmother who allegedly had powers to heal. She did an ancient greek remedy and chant and I woke up with a healed foot after months and months of conventional treatment. Go figure.
Wow! That must be quite handy.
Well, not anymore. She passed away a few years back.
Oh, I’m sorry to hear that. My grannies are both dead too. Which one blogger do you read daily?
One?! I subscribe to and read close on 200 blogs from all over so that’s a tough one. Ok help me out, local or international?
Local of course.
CherryFlava is a favourite of mine for sure.
Your best friends nick name?
I can’t actually give you that, I will offend people.
Nic, clearly you don’t read me often enough if you’re worried about offending people.
No, This is offensive, according to law, trust me.
If I could give you a goodie bag with 5 items in it, what would they be?
Okay, let’s see: iPhone. Wait, how big is the bag?
It’s as big as you need it to be
So, we have an iPhone, a house, an Audi A3, a sixpack (stomach – not beer) and a years worth of flights to anywhere in the world!
That’s quite the pretentious list, dahhhling.
I know, but I have almost everything else in my life – love, friends, happiness… so im starting on to the materialistic things now.
Growing up, what is the naughtiest thing you ever did?
Wow, that’s an unfortunate question. I was never that kid, I was always the "over achiever". Sad, but true.
Your mom must have been so proud. Your love life as a kid – any heart breaks?
A few, yes. You say kid, but you do realise I am still a kid, hey? I feel like a kid and i love that. I’m a big kid with a few small growed-up-problems.
What star sign are you and do you ever match up to it?
Taurus, and I don’t even know what that means.
Okay, clearly your star sign doesn’t make sense to you then?
Not much, I control what I’m like, not the stars.
Fantastic, I have the same outlook star signs are for hippies with long leg hairs.
Hahahaha, there you go pissing folk off as usual. How many readers do you have again?
Yesterday’s count was 2900. Oopsie.


Final question: What did you want to be growing up?
Since the age of 6, I’ve wanted to be what I am, a Journalist. I knew what I wanted, I moved towards it and at 23 achieved it.


So there you have it. How to be 23 and rocking as a South African, Nic Harry style. Thanks for participating, Nic. Don’t forget the little people (I’m talking about me here) when you’re famous!