Monday 20Q with Jeremy Nell!

For my first victim, I decided to select someone who has intrigued me for quite some time. The ever delightful Jeremy Nell, of Trash Media, is a well known cartoonist for the The Times (which is the daily part of the Sunday Times) and is one of the most widely distributed and popular newspapers in South Africa. Jeremy has a full profile on his own site, so I won’t rattle it off here – go read about his "unbelievable huge penis" here for yourself!


He has refused to divulge his relationship status, girls, so on my count that makes him single. He’s got a sense of humour and good looks to boot – what more could one ask for? Read on for further info to the mind of the creator of Ditwits & Urban Trash.


**lights smoke while waiting for Jeremy**

** Jeremy finally arrives and is available for chat**


So, Mr. Nell where do you live (for stalker purposes)?

I have a car that sometimes drives, technically I can be anywhere you want me to be. But usually, I’m in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. I’m not afraid of stalkers.

I’ve been a lurker of yours for a while, your blog is pretty popular.

Is it popular? How would I know?

Well, it scores high with the Amatomu dudes, thats an indication right there.

Oh, that. Someone got my site entered into the Blog Awards last year, and I was sent an iPod for some category. I don’t really know what.

I’m so jealous. I’ve wanted an I pod since I was a little boy

I wanted a little boy since I saw someone with an iPod. I don’t want to be entered into the Blog Awards this year.

Why not?

Because I don’t want to be associated with the junior school mentality of the SA blogs. Ugh, there seems to be a clique going on with the local blogs.

Isn’t that a little snobby of you?


Ah. And how does it work for you, being snobby? Get a lotta girls?

It’s kind of cool. I’m enjoying it. But only on Tuesdays.

I call Tuesdays Fuckywucky nights. Which blogs do you read?

Hmmm. I used to read a lot. Somehow, that’s changed. I struggle with time, for one. But I read the Dilbert Blog, some cartoon blogs and the odd SA blog.

Do you enjoy Cyanide & Happiness?

Yes. It’s hilarious.


OK. For my girl readers: Are you single and in love with your hand, or is their another person involved?

Do I make love to my hand? That’s disgusting, Sheena!

Are you avoiding the relationship question, Mr. Nell?


I’m so clever. Your history of bunny boiler stalker girls, any one particular girl stand out?

Bunny boiler stalker girls. BBSG. Thinking…There was one, but she was a he.

That is horrible. I’m sure you lose the pissing contest with your mates.

Yes. When they still were my mates, that is.

Very important questions: what tooth paste do you use? Which deoderant?

Aquafresh, It’s cheap. Mitchum. The roll-on without the smell.

Are you a Momma’s boy or International Independant Man of mystery?

Probably a bit of both. I don’t know. I’m a centrist. Somewhere in the middle.

Can you tell me the weirdest medical problem you’ve ever had?

But, Sheena, what if these walls could talk?

Well, lets just say I’m an international woman of mystery. Now answer my question!

I’m sorry to hear. There was this girl in a bikini, once, and, we were on the beach and stuff, and then her top fell off and stuff, and then there was this problem and some other guy and his dog and then… well, it’s complicated.

hahaha! Okay. Weirdest job you’ve done?

Well, that would actually be the job I had before this one. That sums it up.

How old are you?

My age? It’s on my website… Looks like I caught you out. You haven’t done your homework.

People lie on websites. I want to hear about you, from you.

I’m 28. You?

I’m 23. Yes. So, judging by that article, porn doesn’t do it for you then?

No, porn doesn’t do it for me. It’s disrespectful towards women. Plus, nobody likes watching horses do walruses.

You’re not meant to be making me laugh, Jeremy. This is a serious situation. Do you plan on having children?

Not really. It looks painful, and I don’t like the idea of a baby squeezing out of my arse. But maybe my wife, one day. So, yes. I think it would be fun to have kids.

Will you every consider leaving SA?

I’ll leave SA only if it starts imploding, and if my work becomes regulated and controlled.

Sorry, I feel bad for keeping you this long. I said twenty minutes, and although I have nothing else to do, I’m sure you don’t want to sit here nattering to me all night.

It’s fine. I have a few minutes to kill. Besides, you’re quite funny.

Don’t lie, you’re just loving my company, right?

Yes. You saw right through me.

Haha. Okay. What is the one thing you’ve done that you are most proud of?

Becoming a cartoonist.

What started the idea?

My love for cartoons. Since I was a kid, I loved watching, reading, and drawing cartoons.

Where do you want to be in a years time, to the day?

On the beach, watching some chick in a bikini, and then her bikini top falls off, but I’m worried about other guys and their dogs and stuff, and medical conditions… it’s complicated.

If I could offer you a goodie bag with 5 items, what would you want to be in it?

My sketchbook, my pen (Not pencil, because pen will last longer) and my parrot (Is that an item?). Oh, and a chick in a bikini. (Remove her bikini to keep the items at a minimum.)

Do you know your HIV status?

Yes. I have a gold status. Do you know yours?

I dont, actually. Ssh don’t tell LOVE LIFE. I have enough activists against me already.

You positive? Okay, bad joke.

har har. Your friends names?

Well, there’s Sean and Brent. They’re not too kak. There’s also Mark, but he’s actually quite rubbish. Actually, he’s shit. Leave him out.

LOL. Well lets hope Mark doesn’t follow you around online then…

Last question: Whatcha wearing big boy?

A lace bra and suspenders.



I think this proves Jeremy is well deservant of his success and attention for his brilliant sense of humour, which clearly shows through his art. Go give Jeremy some love!

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview, and have to thank him for being such a great sport by going with my quirky comments and insane line of questioning.