Mission: Obtain Sheena’s New Car from Durban

So last week an opportunity presented itself to me:

Last week: Hi! I’m an opportunity! Would you like to accept it?

Me: Fuck yeah!

The story goes like this:

The car I’ve been driving for the last year, the Peugeot 206 GTI, Silver, awesome, is a tad expensive for me.  I have been paying R4000 on a car every month that I don’t technically own.  See, a friend of mine wanted someone to take over payments and then take official ownership of the car once it was paid off.  So I intended to buy it, with my whole heart.  Except the game then changed, and they wanted another 100k over and above the nearly 60k I’d already paid.  R160 000 for a car that was only worth about R80 000?  I love that car, but not that much.

Brother Baboo calls me up and tells me that I’m wasting my money and that I should rather buy his car because;

a) I’m his sister and apparently loyalty should always lie with him

b) He doesn’t like his car as it drives like tortoise

c) It is a black Citroen C2, it’s seven kinds of awesome

So just like that, I call up the Peugeot owners, tell them I’m not a happy chappy and that I have waited long enough for contracts etc and that I’m officially giving notice.  They say they need the car back that week in order to sell the car.

I get online, book two tickets for Jon and myself to fly down to Durban on Saturday to collect the car.

Saturday afternoon rolls around and I drive the Citroen.  It was love at first sight.

Picture this. With black mags and tinted windows.

Driving back on Sunday was not so awesome.  The drive is long.  Although my new car is smooth, quiet, light on fuel and pretty rad, it’s also pretty slow.  It’s only a 1400 which will take some getting used to.

So, what shall we call him?



  1. Chris M says:

    Ye, GTi to C2 would be a massive change in terms of speed, sjoe, but fuel efficiency will be way better as you’ll have noticed and the money will be more manageable. R4,000/month for that GTi is expensive though, my 2010 Audi A3 1.8T has basically the same installments.

    Anyway, good move, those C2’s are pretty sexy, black rims with red perimeter highlights, and some red bucket seats, and perhaps some red trim else where and you’ll be pimped!

    Enter: Knightrider!

  2. The Stuart says:

    The Bee-Mobile! Then you can shout to the BEE-MOBILE! And your logo spins in and out of the screen.

  3. Shebee says:

    Chris – well, the interior is a midnight metallic blue – gear box and seats included, so I’m gonna have to stick with that for now. The mags are already black but I’ll def have to look into getting blue perimeter highlights.

    Bergs & Stu – yeaaaaaaaaaaaaah, I’ll have to think about it. :/

  4. Chris M says:

    Ah alright! Ye, definitely look at having the perimeter sprayed metallic blue then, that’ll look pretty awesome (just a little, nothing OTT) – Probably won’t be expensive either.

    I still rate, Knightrider 🙂

  5. Shebee says:

    Dave – hahahaha! I actually like that!

    Chris – LOL, it’s a girl car at the end of the day – Knightrider is a bit too man-pubey for me. I don’t need to prove my penoos size or anything.


  6. The Stuart says:


    Charles Patrick Reginald Destracen von Sedrick St John Smyth-Gruber Humper Machumperson the 2nd!

  7. The Stuart says:

    Fine how about Charles Patrick Reginald Destracen von Sedrick St John Smyth-Gruber Humper Machumperson the 2nd!

  8. David Anthony Alves says:

    Thanks Chris…errrm…what about:

    1. Tightrider (metamorphosis of Chris’ suggestion…)
    2. Jackson – because the original is always better.
    3. Barak – don’t know why, just seems the right PC move…

  9. flarkus says:

    First I thought “SheBlam!” but that reminds me of crashing. Then I thought Shitrune, cos it’s like almost your name and the car’s name, but then… nah.


    Babz? (for Black & Beautifulz)

    Why you wanna use a male name anyways??

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