Missing my home

August was a month of crazy.  It was a month of busy, rush, presents, excitement, hints, laughter, stress, pressure, worry, fun, friends, family, international visitors, eating out, longing to stay in, cuddles, tears, pride, epiphanies, conferences, speaking in public, frowning in private, worrying about things around me, finding peace.

In that order.  I think most of all, it’s made me even more grateful for my home.  Even though I may not have spent as much time in it over the last month, I’ve appreciated it so much more.

4 weekends out of 6 have been spent away.  I’m very lucky to say that, Jon and I have a wonderful life together, a fortunate life where we can afford to be selfish and indulgent.  Having said that, as beautiful as it was to spend weekends away, I really do love sleeping in my own king-sized bed.  Even back when we were looking at a selection of beds, we knew we wanted a king size which is what we got and are very, deeply, in love with it.  Not that we *needed* a king size, obviously, we’re not the tallest of humans on earth, but I think Jon rather got sick of me landing up on his side of the bed every night.  And now that Winter is over, it’s too hot for me to cuddle so Jon is loving all the space he gets.  Anyway, I digress.

I miss my bed and my home.  I’ve probably spent 4 week nights at home over the last month, I’ve been so busy with work functions and friend functions.  I can’t remember the last time I really spent a whole day sitting outside on our verandah.

I’m looking forward to the upcoming public holiday – it’s the week I’ve taken off work to catch up on sleep, chill time, series, reading and cat cuddles.  Also, it’s Megs & Justin’s wedding, so we’ll be joining them in the Midlands for a few days.  Very exciting!

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