Millicent The Grape II

A letter written to a sub-tenant, done by Cath:

Dear Millicent

I thank you for the laughs, giggles, snorts and guffaws you have provided this past week.  Your careful attention to detail and ability to really piss me off has been great.

Unfortunately, even though you are now shrinking, and resemble a raisin more than a grape, your puckered presence in my life has cost me.

As such, Ms Gates and I have no recourse but to charge you rental for the following:
a) taking up space in my undies
b) pollution of personal property as I worry that pooh woulda got stuck there and I wouldnt have known

Further, Ms Gates has favoured you and made you famous all the world over. You have a fan base and following. You are a lucky fucker haemorrhoid.

Now, pay up and bugger off.

With fondest regards,
CSM Jenkin


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