MiBar, Movida, Pizza & Alice in Wonderland

On Thursday night I cracked the nod to go to MiBar Martini’s launch. MiBar is a new initiative by Liquid Chefs and let me tell you, it’s fucking awesome. From moving walls* to interactive tables** to really hot barmen who make killer cocktails, this place is going places. Metaphorically speaking.

The launch was unique, fun & made me look forward to attending events there, or just popping in for a few drinks with my mates. Well done to Mango-OMC for hosting the party and to the various sponsors of the evening.

* They have this weird wall near the back bar with swimming fish (yeah, not my favourite creature) but when you sway your hand over the wall, it has a ripple effect and looks like a pond.

** When entering MiBar Martini you have to sign in with a funky touch screen PC, which then allows you to order from their interactive touch-screen tables, view who else is at MiBar’s across the board and other awesome features that I can’t remember now because I had two pink drinks of awesomeness involving rum, vodka, strawberry liquer and a martini glass. For more info, see Mi-World.co.za or go to their first branch on the corner of Keys & Tyrwhitt avenue in Rosebank.

On Saturday night Jon and I hooked up with a couple of friends for SezLeigh’s tequila 27th at Movida night club and tequila’d ourselves, we did! ExMi tells the story of how the evening progressed pretty graphically here, so pop over there and have a read.

I was literally broken yesterday. I haven’t been that tender in a very long time. At one point I almost wanted to cry a little. Especially when Jon kept making me do things. Like opening my eyelids, and breathing. It really wasn’t cool.

Two of the baby cats have now gone on to their new home. I’m so lucky to have found the best mommy in the world for them, I’m pretty sure Angel and Gluggies lives will now become as manic as mine was, those two kittens are a bloody handful, and they’ve already got three felines, so with Turk and Diva, the couple now have FIVE CATS! Insanity. I’ll miss the little buggers, but shoh – I’m relieved to have some normalcy back in my home. Two kittens down, one to go.

Saw Alice in Wonderland 3D yesterday. Meh. Johnny Depp looks so strange in character I wonder if I’ll ever be able to fantasize visualise him normal again.

Anyway. I’m about to inhale a pizza.  Back to Mondaze, hope you all have a fantastic week!


  1. Annette says:

    Happy you enjoyed MiBAR Martini – it really is a first of a kind in South Africa – keep your eyes open for MiLOUNGE – in Blu Bird Centre – coming soon…

    And the http://www.mi-world.co.za blog will be live soon – so check it out and let us know your thoughts… 🙂

  2. Angel says:

    I LURV 3D, and I enjoyed the movie… but “Alice” didn’t blow me away like Avatar did.
    That MiBar place sounds awesome!

  3. Shebee says:

    Annette & Angel – the place is insane. They have an “outdoor” area with astro turf with covered roof and kick ass furniture too. Considering a little birdie told me that MiBar had been completely flooded two days before the launch, and that they had to redo most of the work, I was really well impressed.

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