Metamorphosis Part 2

Continued from Part 1

Today’s Meta class was something else and a half a barrel of fish. I arrived 9 minutes late due to getting held up on the highway standstill caused by an accident. I hate being late so this threw me off. The minute I arrived, I felt better. A glass of water later and I was absolutely calm and ready for the session.

Kicking off my shoes, I hopped onto the bed and got comfy. As I was recounting my week to Jean, her hands cupped my heels with her fingers lightly stroking up and down the base of my feet. I immediately sat a little deeper into the pillows and exhaled a breath of air.

Meta works on different areas of your body, with each area representing different things. For example; one’s right foot represents the past, going back 3 generations. Working on that foot is working on issues, tensions, patterns from the past. Moving over to the left foot and working on those same areas is dealing with the issues, tensions, patterns from the past, addressing them and “releasing them” aka healing. 

The entire time Jean was working on my past, I was totally relaxed. The minute she moved over to my present, I started feeling physically uncomfortable. At first it was an itch of a toe, then my calf needed a scratch. Soon my butt went numb and my back started aching, with my upper thigh going into a cramp. For the first time since meeting Jean, I felt like I wanted to leave. It happened so suddenly at first I didn’t recognise the feeling, until I asked her to pause so that I could get comfortable. Nothing I did seemed to abate the discomfort. Quickly, Jean suggested I get off the bed and stretch my legs a bit, take a few steps before sitting back down again. Immediately I felt even more anxiety with the thought of sitting back down, so Jean took one look at me with a knowing smile and told me to follow her.

Barefoot, I was made to go outside into the sunshine. I was standing awkwardly on the step when Jean instructed me to go onto the grass, feel it between my toes. “Face the water feature” she said, “feel the water flowing, water is life”. You see – we’d been talking about death, or more specifically, a near-death experience of a fellow patient. He was a husband and his wife had told Jean his horrific tale, and it brought up so many feelings about my friend’s husband dying just a month ago, which then triggered my biggest fear: Jon dying.

Jon dying is my worst living fear for so many reasons – logistically how would I cope without him, emotionally, financially, physically. Who would change the light bulbs, who would I tell to turn over in the middle of the night because of the snoring (oh my God the snoring!), who would be Aiden’s very best friend in the whole world, who would I grow old and wrinkly with? Who could ever compete with Jon in my life – he’s been my one very truest love, no one would come close to how I feel about him.

Although I’ve felt this fear before, never has it physically manifested itself so clearly. Never have I felt the need to run away from anxiety around it. The last time I felt like that, in fact, was just after Kiera died.

After a minute or two of Jean slowly coaching my breathing, me listening to the water falling and feeling the grass between my toes, I noticed that at some point Jean had put her hands on my shoulders and was applying gentle pressure – this was to further ground me, apparently, and so for the very first time I felt that Metamorphosis had shown me its effects in real time. Clearly the energies passing through my body are pairing up with my sub conscience, because thinking about my fears that were brought up today I don’t feel so completely out of control. Yes, they’re still fears – that’s never going to change, but I’m not so debilitated by them right now. I feel like something unresolved in me was addressed today. I feel like I might be able to get something out of this Meta journey.



Read more about what Jean’s Metamorphosis is all about, and click here to book some time with her.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s R450 per session, with a recommendation of 9 sessions in total, with options to “top up” if and when necessary after some time.
  • If paying up front, there is a sizeable discount on offer.
  • Jean is based halfway between Northcliff and Melville and operates out of her home.
  • Dress comfortably and be ok with lots of physical touching of feet, lower legs, hands, arms, head, neck and back.
  • You won’t need to strip as everything is done above clothing, so you’re comfortable at all times.
  • Be better than me: give yourself a proper pedi first as your feet will be bare ass naked.
  • Go with an open mind and don’t expect instant gratification (very hard for me as I am all about instant gratification).


PS: I wasn’t paid for this post, but am receiving treatments at no charge with an expectation to give my honest feedback either in person, or online, of my experience with Metamorphosis. I promise to keep it honest and not fluff it up in anyway unnecessarily. 

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