Merry Kissmyass to one and all

I’ve just walked through a mall, and amongst utter chaos and mayhem, I spotted a psychedelic purple Christmas Tree.  I swear, if I wasn’t going to be a homeless white chic in  a few weeks, I would pick it up and stuff it down my boobies* and walk out of the shop with it.

On my way out of the purple christmas tree shop I went and sat on Santa’s lap in the Santa’s workshop.  Just for fun.  And also to see if the little person he had hanging around him was a real life midget.  Midgets are cool.  I can relate to them with not being tall and all. 

*Because, you know, us homeless white chics, make that unemployed homeless white chics, don’t have that thing that people have.  Its green and square shaped and they live in wallets.  I think its called money. 

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  1. Kiti says:

    Shebee, please tell me in what shop you saw this purple christmas tree? I would love to have one shipped to my sister in South Africa, but from here (Aussie) it’s a bit dear, dear.

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