Ah Christ.  I know, I know, I’m sorry.  Please don’t shout, my ears hurt enough from all the blood pumping through my head due to stress, anxiety, love, happiness, fear & insomnia.

I won’t tell you why I’ve been gone, instead I’ll tell you a bit about what I’ve been up to recently:

  1. rekindling old flames. fuck.
  2. meeting up with younger persons
  3. clubbing. in a place called Clapham Grand.  Well they lied, its really not.  They have white tiled dancefloors and too much glass.
  4. watching lots of One Tree Hill (season 6 episode 3 is what I’m on now)
  5. loving my housemates (Ginger & Piano) to death
  6. having my family over for big roast (goddamn, Ginger can totally cook insanely)
  7. meeting up with best friends
  8. googling.  lots.
  9. eating healthily
  10. stopping smoking.  yup. 
  11. loving my friends
  12. laughing
  13. watching walls quite a bit
  14. adjusting to this one problem i have
  15. praying for a money tree [please nother mature, please send me some green]
  16. planning a weekend
  17. getting Cam cuddles and drinking tea through a syringe
  18. lolling with Cath.  God that woman makes me laugh some. I thought of something else, Jenks – A BOX OF CONDOMS IN TEN THOUSAND WRAPPED PARCELS!
  19. counting my blessings, I have sooo many for one person.  each of them have a name. 
  20. loving.  just everything.  and when i hate, i force myself to love some more.
  21. keeping secrets. 
  22. generally just oozing awesomeness *oozes*   

Thank you for your support, as always, unknowingly and so very naturally.  I’m sorry I flailed for a while with the blogging, and i might still do it some more, but I’m here.  Reading, closing my eyes, hoping against all hope that I’ll be strong enough for this life time, because damn, I certainly fucking try.

Lots of love,




  1. Amy says:

    Aww, bless your little cotton socks! Aren’t we all just trying to get along? I’d say your making a grand success out of it compared to some people….

  2. ginger says:

    hey shee thanks for the cool coments bout my cookin but i promise i have some bad days…its not all roses and sunshine.

    loving your blog

    your roomie

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