me, phenomenal? awwww, shucks!


one of the crappy things about running nerdmag is that with the awesome competitions like the blackberry one we did last year, and the two nerdies competitions, there are supertastic prizes up for grabs and loads of exposure to the winner, which is all fair and well until your name is Sheena and you happen to be the editor of said magazine because it means that even if you stand on your head and blow blue bubbles out your arse you don’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell to claim the prize as your own.

enter laura-kim of the awesome womanly website female2female who is running a cute little competition.  they’re calling out for nominations of who YOU think is a phenomenal woman.  the chick chosen gets to win some pretty cool prizes and a little bit of her 15minutes of fame.

look, i’m not gonna lie – i wouldn’t mind being called phenomenal, hey.  so if you’re so inclined – head over here to find out how to nominate [me] who you think is phenomenal and why. it’ll make the universe spin faster and puppies the world over will become even more cute if you do it.


  1. Shebee says:

    dude, look at the size of my first sentence – it’s an entire paragraph. if that doesn’t say i’m phenomenal i don’t know what will.

    i’m not cheating, i’m campaigning. huuuuuge diffs. ‘sides: who can resist a coot widdle puppeh?

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