May I please introduce you to…

My new music column!

Rock Waste has been released today, after much anticipation from me and a select few who were in on the secret. If you, like me, are a lover of all things lyrical, become a regular there.  From goss, to news, to fact & tales – Rock Waste is your one stop site to browse, buy, read & learn your favourite artists.

I will be focusing mainly on South African bands and everything that goes with it, so if you know of anyone needing exposure, please contact me – I’m more than happy to do a write up… for free concert tickets *evil grin*



PS:  I am a legned.  Look at me being online at work and stuff 🙂


  1. leez08 says:

    I loved the articcle. Took me back to the days when my siste danced on my das feet and My brothers taugh tus how the latest crazes. Good times.

    intentional? ya, rite. have a great weekend.

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