Market research: involving my readers.

I know most of you lurk around these parts except for a few die-hard commenters (who I love with my whole heart – kiss kiss) but please could the rest of you click that link from your reader, or just the comments tab if you’re already here on the page, just this once and come talk to me?  I need some assvice and input from all of you.

Without going into any specifics, I’m working on a project.  I could go all Tyler Reed on your ass and name it, something like “Project Bee” if that’d help me sound more dedicated?  But while I’m doing the background slog work I’d like to do some market research with you guys.  So:

  • In an online magazine, what do you like to read?  Gadgets, life stories, gigs, etc.
  • Do you prefer long detailed and informed posts, or quick ones that outline the high lights of the story?
  • What style theme do you prefer – lots of tabs, click through pages?
  • What is interesting to you with regards to the internet?

I would love any feedback or suggestions from you.  No matter how insignificant or unrelated it might seem. Pretty please with a cherry on top?


  1. Henré Rossouw says:

    Here’s the quickest of quick answers:

    1. Industry related subjects ranging from wine, marketing & branding, social media, technology, charities.
    2. Long detailed posts with minimal clicking.
    3. Clean, white and to the point. No flashing ads…hint hint :- ) –>
    4. The way in which people use it to form relationships / communities / followers + Instant gratification.

  2. Wezz says:

    OK out the wood work I come.

    – The only magazines I read are sport and fitness related, Complete Golfer, Mens Health, Bicycling and then the odd FHM. Tech news I get online.

    – Quick short posts, this one may have been a tad long for my liking – but that’s just me.

    – A theme has to be as simple as possible, see my tumblr.

    – The advancements of viewing online video excites me daily, and the fact that most sites are offering content in a mobile format.

    Back into the forest I go.

  3. Wezz says:

    Sorry misread your first question, if it’s an online magazine – then anything from industry related tech stuff as Henre listed to gossip, TMZ & WWTDD… there I said it.

  4. Henré Rossouw says:

    Oi, Wezz sparked one I completely forgot and prolly my most important. Watching mobile on its course to world domination…using the internet as leverage. Pretty 🙂

  5. Wezz says:

    When video hits mobile in a serious way and when the networks will be able to handle it with out charging a pretty penny I’ll be the happiest chappy.

    Shebee, pleasure sugar plum.

  6. Syllable says:

    I can like to be a columnist for online magazine. You have been seeing it, no? I has changed my URL on this bit-y bit for easy access (sorry, not meant to sound drrrty 😛 but I lie).

    There are stuff I’m not too fond of, but it has come a long way.

  7. cameron says:

    ok, you got me here.. 😀

    1. That 1st one’s a hard question 🙂 love style of boingboing for general news, techie and gadgetry. Gizmodo’s also cool, as well as designyoutrust – so arty/design stuff is sweet.

    2. I’m going down the middle on this one – concise is good, but enough info to set it all out – depends on the topic, really. If it’s a well-written post/article I’ll read it regardless of length, I think.

    3. ah, simple ui. not sure how to answer this, tbh. as long as the content is easily accessible, then I’m happy 🙂

    4. pron. no, ah.. hmm. yess, that’s about it. I mean – tech news, tutorials on my skillset – so webdesign/dev jquery, design, etc and sexy design pics. porn, not so much. 😀

    hope that helps spammy.

  8. carla says:

    – Success stories are always motivating and nice to read. Also, industry news and trends, especially interesting campaigns running
    – In terms of the posts: as long as the post is informative and interesting, the length doesn’t matter
    – Style: as long as I can find what I want within a few clicks I don’t mind 🙂
    – Why I love the Internet? It has made my life *so* much easier and I keep in touch with people I otherwise wouldn’t have. Also, the fact that you can find basically anything on the Web

    I can’t wait to see what you’re going to do with the info you gather from this exercise 🙂

  9. Louisa says:

    * In an online magazine, what do you like to read? Gadgets, life stories, gigs, etc.
    – In any magazines I like to read a bit of everything.

    * Do you prefer long detailed and informed posts, or quick ones that outline the high lights of the story?
    – If they have long(ish) stories I like it especially if there’s a shortened version and I get to choose if I want to know more. I guess I like shorter more, only long ones if I’m reeeeally interested. (or if I’m not that interested but it’s written really well)

    * What style theme do you prefer – lots of tabs, click through pages?
    Click through

    * What is interesting to you with regards to the internet?
    – Sheesh, what a question. In general I like to use the internet to connect with other real people, but from time to time I also enjoy getting a personalised perspective on current events from those people (cause there’s a lot less BS and censoring when real people tell it like they see it), and of course to find out about new gadgets and stuff.

    Hope that helps. 🙂

  10. Po says:

    1. I like to read life stories. But also news. And product reviews.

    2. for product reviews I like long and detailed, for news and life stories I like short and punchy

    3. I like simple. I prefer tabs to links.

    4. news. The way you can find stuff out so easily and connect with other peoiple so easily via webcams, online chat, twitter, blogging. Ie one big social and info network. The way news can be broadcast as it happens.

    And also I think it is brilliant that people in places like Zim can tell us what is going on even though their president is a crazy control freak.

  11. dash says:

    I like to hear about good new blogs. But they have to be good. I don’t want to read just about “hey this is matt’s blog, he’s 24, boring and dull – and it shows in his writing”. I want the ones that knock your socks off. And its OK if you don’t include me in that, I don’t think I’ve been particularly sock blowing of late ;).

    I like no ads, few clicks, but do enjoy interesting polls etc, not just ones for the sake of it. And I would like to see it laid out with different sections on one main page, and you can go get more detail on the ones you want.

    I like stories, have to disagree with above, I hate agony aunts…I was good stories, not just point by point ones, but those that make you think about the meaning of things, that are a little deeper than “I ate breakfast, and then had a fight with my b/f and then whinged to my BFF and then and then and then” – puh-lease.

    I like to see opinion pieces on current events. Don’t want to see the news itself though, what’s the point? THere’s a million news sites out there. Good opinions are hard to come by however.

  12. André says:

    Said it already, but here for completeness.
    Short, sharp, breaking mobile handset stuff, please.
    There’s lots of ‘full review’ stuff out there, but a gap for local HOT, breaking news.
    MHO 🙂

  13. simonB says:

    SimonB stumbles in, with a bag full of muti, dope stupid flu has me all wonky atm, anyway here’s my 5c worth, hope it helps.

    * Gadgets, techno stuff, news anything industry related.
    * Quick ones that outline the high lights of the story?
    However links are very important
    * Style: As simple as possible. I hate clutter.
    * Everything on the internet is interesting. But web2.0
    i’d say is my favorite.

  14. Jeanette says:

    *life stories, new gadgets and where to buy them online, photog reviews,
    * Short and to the point
    * simple, can’t stand the tab thing
    * that I can find out about stuff, and connect with other people

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