Man-flu and competition winners

Hi guys, sorry about the late notification of who won. I completely forgot to do this on Friday!  I blame my cottonwool-filled head.  And the snotty nose and misery in my steamed up eyeballs.  I had man-flu, see?  I was on my death bed, just about.  And convinced I needed a hospital.

Thank goodness I have my boyfriend though.  He patiently served me soup, chocolate, downloaded my favourite things to watch and let me hang out on the couch all weekend without having to lift a finger.  He’s awesome.

Anyway!  I used to randomly select numbers between 1 and 12 (that’s how many entries there were).  The winners of the Zando competition are as, without any further delay, follows:

  • 12 – Kashmiri Beesham
  • 2 – Robyn M
  • 5 – Kerry Slater
  • 7 – Chantal
  • 3 – Angel
  • 1 – Jenty
  • 11 – Tania
  • 10 – Andrea
  • 4 – Anib
  • 9 – MeeA
Please email me sheenagates @ gmail dot com and I’ll forward you the voucher 🙂


  1. Chantal says:

    Hi there

    LOL can’t believe I won, coz I didn’t really enter, so it’s pretty cool but I didnt fulfil the conditions and was just giving my opinion on ordering shoes online, please can you give my voucher to Cheryl instead 🙂


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